The United States lacks the option to punish serious cyber attacks on north Korea


Washington – trump the government vowed on Tuesday, north Korea may be affected will be responsible for the attacks in 150 countries, but did not specify how to emphasize punishment a has been approved as a pariah difficulties of its nuclear weapons program.
The WannaCry extortion software attack has infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide and has affected the country’s national health service. Since The Sony (Sony Pictures) hacker attacks since 2014’s most high-profile attacks, it was made a satire, imagine The cia plot to kill The leader, Kim jong UN, ironic film “The Interview”.
The WannaCry intrusion was even more serious, despite the damaging attack that led to leaks of confidential data and emails from film studios that embarrassed SONY. Homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said it was a reckless attack intended to wreak havoc. He says it puts British hospitals at risk of life.
Other experts said the attack was likely to be an attempt by Kim jong il’s government to cash in on cash. Last year, the hacker group was suspected of stealing $81 million in a malicious software attack on the computer system of Bangladesh’s central bank.
Whatever the motivation, a public statement in Washington accuses north Korea of growing concern over its cyber capabilities, which appear to be more threatening because of Pyongyang’s lack of international norms. North Korea, the only country to test a nuclear weapon this century, is closing a missile that could strike anywhere in the United States.
“President trump has used almost all the levers he can use, not to starve the north Korean people of starvation and change their behavior,” bost told the White House. “So we don’t have much room to exert pressure to change their behavior.”
For a while. Continuing malicious online activity, Microsoft and Facebook said on Tuesday they had partnered last week to help disable hackers linked to the hacking group behind WannaCry.
Under Mr Trump, the us has imposed economic sanctions on north Korea under the broad support of the international community. Secretary of state rex tillerson said on Tuesday that “the pressure will intensify over time.” Experts say north Korea’s entry into hard currency could be further hurt by more Chinese intermediary Banks and companies, but the options for U.S. penalties are limited.
Center for strategic and international studies, technology and intelligence of expert James Lewis (James Lewis), said: “sanctions against north Korea in fact does not change its behavior, he not only put forward aimed at north Korea’s source of income, but also puts forward the government’s own limited access to the Internet. “Sending a carrier strike group to north Korea will not stop them from hacking.”

In January 2015, President barack Obama to respond, SONY’s attack on north Korea’s main intelligence agency, and a state-run companies participating in the ballistic missile and arms trade sanctions and work for officials. He also warned that “further unspecified actions will be carried out in accordance with the timing and manner of our choices”.
If further action is taken, it has never been made public.
While experts say north Korea lacks the elite capabilities of Russia and China, it has honed its cyber skills and has been accused of increasingly serious attacks.
South Korea says north Korea has a network of 6,000 members in 2015, and north Korea is suspected of hacking into South Korea’s military data center. Last year, the north was also accused of hacking into the personal data of more than 10 million users of an online shopping site and dozens of email accounts used by government officials and journalists. It is also suspected of targeting south Korean Banks and operators of national nuclear plants.
Provider FireEye cyber espionage network security analysis manager Benjamin Read said: “their technical ability is not the best, but they are good enough, found a weakness, and use it.
FireEye, said in September, it detects and prevents a group affiliated with the north Korean government to the American electric power company send spear phishing emails, although it has not observed using any method to endanger electric power supply. They also believe north Korean hackers are targeting bitcoin exchanges to supplement government revenue.
Microsoft and foreign governments, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, have confirmed U.S. responsibility for WannaCry, said Mr. Bosett. He said the United States is trying to work with other countries and the private sector to prevent future attacks.
Although WannaCry raised relatively small amounts of money for the perpetrators, it turned out that paying ransoms didn’t untangle the affected computers, so few, the impact was huge. Russia, Spain and other countries in government offices are disrupted, Asian university, Germany’s national railway companies and carmakers Nissan (Nissan and Renault (Renault), and other global companies have also been disturbed.
Marcus Hutchins, a British hacker, lifted the attack by identifying “kill switches” in the code. One time, the fbi arrested hutchins months after visiting the United States. He pleaded not guilty, awaiting trial, accusing him of creating unrelated malware.
The Associated Press’s authors, matt o ‘brien of New Jersey’s ridgefield park, and josh redman of Ottawa, Canada, contributed to the report.


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