Refresh or rebel: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross


This week, we learned that Mitsubishi is going to launch the new Eclipse Cross compact crossover in the United States. Mitsubishi hopes Eclipse Cross can quickly become the brand’s best-selling models, with the car’s new turbocharged engine, similar to the coupe’s appearance and compact shape. But Mitsubishi also decided to bring back the Eclipse nameplate for the car, though it is a CUV, not a sports car. Interestingly, Outlander Sports that Mitsubishi has sold is almost exactly the same size. Then Eclipse Cross design how to compare?
Earlier, Eclipse Cross got the grille and headlamp design that initially looked like its own. Butif Look at the Outlander Sport next to the Eclipse Cross, and obviously the latter evolved from the former. We are not sure what we call Eclipse Cross as appealing, but at least different. When you first see the road, you will know that you are looking at Mitsubishi. In appearance, the roofline has almost no coupe-like that looks like in some photos. Despite this, the C-pillar still makes the Eclipse Cross look more sporty. We want the overhang not so short, because the final look is at least visually very heavy.

Came back, Mitsubishi taillights gave Eclipse Cross a rear window. The result is that one looks really unique, but again, it’s not necessarily appealing. But, hey, at least the backend is more memorable than the foreigner’s movement. The car’s appearance is fine, but the traditional taillights and rear windows are truly generic. Once again, when you see a new cross-Eclipse cross, you’ll surely notice. Somewhat surprisingly, there is no weird split open. Instead, the tailgate opens as usual.
Inside, Eclipse Cross offers a more attractive cabin than Outlander Sport. No one mistook it for a luxury car, but at least Mitsubishi worked hard to design the center console. Infotainment systems have two biggest changes. Instead of being integrated into the console like the Outlander Sport, the screen is mounted on the dashboard. It looks like Mitsubishi has given Eclipse Cross a Lexus-style touchpad to control the system.

Under the Eclipse Cross engine, there is a 1.5-liter turbo engine, but Mitsubishi has not released the exact power data. The price is still rising. But if you are interested in the new coupe Eclipse CUV, the international rollout has already begun and will soon be available in the United States.


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