A few good reasons not to let your car warm in the cold


On a cold winter morning, some people fire and let them run 10, 20, or even 30 minutes, and they think they can reduce wear and tear by gently warming their car. But engineering explains that Jason is here to explain why this is a bad idea for your car.
The conventional wisdom is that the car should be kept below the working temperature, depending on the time of the carburetor’s use, which takes a few minutes to reach the working temperature. Using a fuel injection engine, the ECU can adjust to a completely empty spin even in sub-zero temperatures. As Jason explains, the idling engine does not produce as much heat as the drive engine.
Jason details the situation of the cold engine, and points out the hidden dangers of letting your car sit idle on a cold day: oil dilution. , it turns out, although you might think that make your car slowly warming to reduce wear and tear, but all these idle time will result in gasoline into oil, destroy the lubrication characteristics of lubricating oil and increase the wear and tear.
So what do you do? Start it and make sure all your Windows have no ice/snow/fog, and then drive! The engine warms up faster, so you get good heat quickly, which is exactly what you want.
Take care of yourself and have a real engineer explain why you should stop the warm car.


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