The next alfa romeo rumor is a bigger SUV


In alfa romeo steyr d may not be a particularly capable off-road vehicles, but in our annual competition of the SUV, it proves that the “gruesome fast, flexible temperament”, and provides a “surprising smooth journey. So while aficionados may ignore the idea of an alpha-tag crossover, it’s more of a real alpha than you might think. But can Italian carmakers succeed in baking the same sporting functions into something larger?
Alfa romeo plans to answer the question using a mid-sized crossover vehicle in the Stelvio platform, Auto Express reported. However, in order to meet emissions standards, alfa may offer the upcoming flagship SUV in a hybrid performance.

“Stelvio is certainly an example of alpha DNA, why can’t we translate this into a bigger car? Roberto Fedeli, the chief technology officer of alfa romeo, recently told Auto Express. “We have to the appropriate level of electrification combined with new cars, plug-in hybrids could be alpha DNA views of a problem, but, for example, 48 v mild hybrid solution is what we can do it, and don’t lose anything”.
He also said that the platform that stretched stivio’s platform could increase by about 440 pounds (200 kilograms), but he believes that a light mixing setting could offset the weight gain.
“I’m glad to see that we combine the four-cylinder engine with the 48 volt turbocharger, and I think we can use it in production next time,” he said. “With a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that can reach 350 to 400 BHP, we’re simulating driving a car like that, and we’re working on it, and it’s not that bad.
To compete with a divider like the porsche cayenne, BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE, the midsize alpha CUV could sell well. We only hope that the engineers will improve Stelvio’s infotainment system and other bad electronic devices.


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