American drug companies provide treatment for blindness – $425,000 per eye


A drug, whose inventors claim to cure rare forms of blindness, is one of the most expensive medicines ever made, selling for $850,000 (630,000 pounds).
Luxturna is injected directly into the eye to address the root causes of visual impairment by replacing defective genes in the retina. It was the first gene therapy approved in the United States and approved by the federal drug administration last month. The price of treatment, however, has only just emerged.
Spark Therapeutics, the company behind the treatment, had previously claimed the treatment was worth $1 million, citing blind income and a lifetime of loss of care. But the company said it had settled a low price of $850,000, or $425,000 per eye. It will also provide a variety of ways to share the cost to the health insurer, which has expressed concern about its ability to pay for it.
Jeff Marrazzo, chief executive of Spark Therapeutics, said: “we want to balance the concerns of value and affordability with responsible price balance.
Luxturna is one of the emerging gene therapy varieties, and it differs from the more mature drugs used for a period of time. The treatment includes a one-time modification of the defective DNA to allow the body to repair itself.
They include hemophilia treatment and another of the so-called “bubble babies” syndrome, patients must live in a sterile environment, even at the price of 500000 pounds, under the label of the NHS will also provide the treatment.

Us hedge fund entrepreneur Martin Walsh, clay (Martin Shkreli) bought drugs to treat AIDS dara in (after Daraprim), some drugs and called for the company’s so-called price fraud has become a problem in the U.S. presidential election. Cancer, and raised its price from $13.50 to $750.
But the starting price of some new drugs has soared. Glybera is a rare protein disorder gene therapy that was launched in 2012 and costs $1.2 million. However, it has never been approved in the United States and has been shut down by manufacturer uniQure for lack of demand.
Gene therapy is not the only treatment, especially in treating rare diseases. Soliris that call a paroxysmal sleep sex is disease of haemoglobin make water, against the state of the red blood cell drugs, costs up to $700000 a year, and Elaprase, in the treatment of hunt syndrome, fee is $500000 a year.
Luxturna may be offered free of charge in the UK after submitting the approval of the European medicines agency (EMA). The green light from EMA is a prerequisite for approval by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the UK healthcare cost watchdog.
In clinical trials, the injection of Luxturna can restore the vision of patients with severe visual impairment caused by poor retinal malnutrition. Spark estimates that as many as 2,000 people in the United States suffer from the disease, which includes Europe and other markets where treatment can be sold, with the number of patients rising to 6,000.
The company said it has agreed with the United States insurance company custom agreement, the agreement covers most of the cost of prescriptions and drugs, if can’t work as expected, they will get a refund.
Sparks is also talking about the insurance company’s proposal to pay in installments over the years. The philadelphia-based company said it would also pay for transportation costs not covered by insurance to help patients get into treatment centers.


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