The pilot was grounded after a “air fight” between London and mumbai


An Indian airline has taken over two pilots, accusing them of fighting and briefly breaking out of the cockpit during the New Year’s day flight from London to mumbai.
Air jet is investigating a male pilot who was in the air when a male pilot struck a female colleague at the same time, with 324 passengers on board.
The report quoted a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity as saying that she had to be brought back by the cabin crew after the air war caused the female pilot to leave the cockpit and shed tears.
The Times of India said the pilot had once left the cockpit and was briefly unattended.
“There was a misunderstanding between the cockpit crew… But friendly things were resolved quickly, and the plane went on to Bombay and landed safely, “jeter said.
“The airline has reported the incident to the civil aviation administration, and the crew has begun to review it and wait for an internal investigation to be launched.”

The minister of civil aviation ashok garjati raju told parliament Thursday the government will investigate the incident. “Action will be taken as required and no one will give up,” he said.
Kirit Somaiya, an mp for the ruling party, said hundreds of lives could be threatened by squabbles and should punish airlines and pilots.
The flight left London at around 10am on Monday and arrived at the Indian financial centre at midnight, about nine hours after the local time.
“At jet airways, the safety of the guests, the crew and the assets is vital, and the airline is not committed to compromising security for any of its employees.”


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