His favorite health care “fix” is a threat to your life.


His favorite health care “fix” is a threat to your life.

Women who kill breast cancer are 39 percent less likely than they were 25 years ago. The American cancer society announced last week that prostate cancer had reduced male mortality by 52%. You can thank the new technologies that have been able to detect cancer in time and sacrifice themselves to save lives. Americans have a higher risk of cancer than anywhere else on earth.

But be careful: these amazing achievements are at risk. The chorus of democratic politicians is beginning a call for health care in 2018. The leading single payer includes Elizabeth warren (d-mass). Kirsten Gillibrand (d-ny), Cory Booker (d-nj) and Bernie sanders (i-vt).

Advocates of single-payers plan to make their plans affordable by cutting back on expensive medical technology and new drugs. For many cancer patients, this is a death sentence, robbing them of the disease they need to beat.

Decades of cancer and other top killers in the United States – heart disease – mean that americans now live on average 65 years longer than they did in 1970. More than four years.

The Washington DC government, which claims American health care, is “ignorant” and ignores these facts. They measure progress in how many people have insurance, not how many patients survive cancer and heart disease, two diseases that have killed almost half of the population in the United States.

Stanford university economist Victor fox (Victor Fuchs) in the name of the main editorial published in the journal of the American medical association said, let the national health insurance affordable method is to reduce the use of mammograms, expensive new drugs and diagnostics.

Debate over U.S. gross domestic product accounted for nearly 18% of GDP for medical care, while European countries spend about 12%, Fuchs and other single-payer supporters claim that americans are too obsessed with high-tech care. Their answer is lower tech. It would be ridiculous if it weren’t so dangerous. Countries that limit the use of technology, such as Britain, have a low survival rate.

Millions of American women have survived breast cancer thanks to high-tech screening and new gene therapy. Millions of men and women have escaped death by taking statins to lower their cholesterol and prevent strokes by thrombolysis. In fact, according to “Annals of Internal Medicine” (Annals of Internal Medicine) report, if the use of statins range than the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (American Preventive Services Task Force) suggested more widely, so stroke and heart attack could be reduced by 31%.

“Reducing innovation is not always harmful,” says Fuchs. Baloney. Life depends on it. The next breakthrough in the cardiovascular system may be the injection of anti-inflammatory canakinumab, which the researchers report reduced cardiovascular events by 15 percent and in some cases no stent or bypass surgery.

No one denies that health care costs must be controlled – exempting consumers, employers and taxpayers. But don’t raise the bar for new technology. Reform should address the biggest waste of money.

First, obesity is a major factor in high blood pressure and many cancers. Americans are twice as likely to be obese as they were in 1980.

Secondly, hospital infection. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, when a patient with a heart surgery is infected with a virus, it increases the cost by up to $38,000.

Third, honorable nursing home care. Patients who were discharged from hospitals to rehabilitation nursing homes had higher mortality rates than those who received more care in hospitals, according to the journal of health economics. It wastes money and causes unnecessary death.

Finally, it takes too much time and expensive FDA approval procedures, and it takes an average of 10 years to bring new treatments to the bedside.

The American cancer society reports that we are in the midst of a wave of cancer breakthroughs. Don’t let politicians kill it.


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