The whistleblower warns that VA is taking steps to close the health care applications of thousands of veterans.


The whistleblower warns that VA is taking steps to close the health care applications of thousands of veterans.

The department of veterans affairs, a high-profile whistleblowers warned Wednesday Virginia seems ready to shut down thousands of incomplete healthcare applications, despite more than a year to Virginia to veterans have the opportunity to complete the application.

Scott Davis, a public affairs officer at the Virginia membership service in Atlanta, testified before congress on congressional questions.

Davis in Virginia, the justice minister shulgin (David Shulkin) said in a letter, Virginia, is preparing to send thousands of letter, notice the veterans is ending their incomplete application.

He told Washington examiners, he saw an E-mail message from the federal contractors for Virginia officials send evidence of “closed the application notification”, Davis said this is VA is preparing to shut down has been already has more than a year now.

Davis said in a letter to the shulgin, this is a problem, because the Virginia has promised not to do anything, until a complete research done in Virginia guidance effectiveness of veterans through the application process.

“As a member of our client service public affairs officials and contents of the administrator, I have the responsibility to inform your office, our client has already created on enclosed letter of notice, to nearly 500000 veterans sent this email, leading to more than 20 letters not mailed to veterans and/or returned by the post office”, he wrote.

Virginia said in a statement late on Wednesday that it had no plans to act quickly and that it was closing its application for access to the agency’s health insurance.

“Virginia spokesman curt Camille sur in Washington examiner said in a statement:” Virginia has closed the veterans health administration legacy applications for admissions system, because the chief inspector of ongoing review. “In addition, VA will close all pending applications until we can reasonably ensure that all applications are fully studied and resolved. Even so, the VA will notify all veterans at least 30 days, and then remind them to complete the application and guide them on how to apply for future VA health registration. ”

Mr. Davis’s letter reflects a longstanding concern in Virginia about improper application. In March 2016, during the Obama administration, Virginia began sending nearly half a million letters to veterans requesting more information about their applications. But it soon became clear within the VA that nearly half (nearly 230,000 letters) had never reached the expected old staff due to addresses, software and other problems.

At the end of 2016, a month before President trump took office, Virginia realized that most of the letters were wrong. They either say that veterans need to provide means to test information about military information, and vice versa.

In addition, the audio leak in April, there could be heard a senior VA staff said in 2016, he was instructed not to help the hospital, because they are trying to help veterans in Virginia to seek medical care.

In light of these problems, Virginia said this year that it would wait for the inspector general’s office’s final report on the Virginia mailing service before taking any further steps. Mr. Shelkin himself said nothing would happen in a letter to the veteran affairs committee chairman, r. Tenn, until the inspector general’s report was over.

“Once their review is completed, we will be able to determine whether new letters are needed,” he wrote. Some people following the issue say there is no sign that Virginia is close to shutting down its veterans because the final report is not yet available.

However, the early draft report has been published, indicating that there are still many problems to be resolved in the application processing area. In addition, VA says the VA still lacks standards and oversight in the field of veterans’ follow-up, and the VA is not transferring the burden locally to the veterans to make sure their application is correct.

OIG “draft survey” said: “the governance of health care enrollment plan lead to the veterans centered activities, and there is no people to provide enough to seek medical services. (please refer to the documentation below.)

Davis says the age-old question in Virginia is why it should not take any action to send out the last letters of our veterans.

“According to the findings of the monitoring report, staff at the Virginia medical center are likely to have fully reviewed 500,000 pending applications… Because they have no standard policies or procedures, no proper training or resources to audit and/or he writes: “in addition, 500,000 applications will be reviewed.”

Davis also called on sholkin to step in to ensure that Virginia took steps to ensure that the letters were not released.

“Dr. Sholkin of Virginia had to reject the practice of keeping veterans accountable for the administrative mistakes of VHA management officials,” he wrote. “This is a chance for Virginia to change direction and advance the reforms you and the President have emphasized in discussions with the veterans community.”


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