This is why art is new and must have the comfort of a leading real estate developer?


This is why art is new and must have the comfort of a leading real estate developer?

From the dramatic murals of the brooklyn water tower to the live curators, you won’t believe how the art is beautifully positioned.

While residential development in some of the most populous cities in the United States is almost constant, new projects must surpass other projects to stand out. A popular method? Align yourself with the art. This is not just in the lobby of the tower planning a set of photos, developers are famous artists to carry out specific work, sponsored by the art of live shows, even hire experts and curators, to tend to their powerful collection.

In Miami’s Park Grove, three high-rise apartment blocks are scheduled to open in 2018, and art is sold as a cornerstone of the life experience. With Pritzker’s award-winning OMA/Rem Koolhaas building and Biscayne Bay, it is surprising that art will be the center of the stage. But for Terra group and related group (the development of the two Miami giant leading the project) on the back of the head, the focus has been proved to be successful: Park Grove has sold almost all of the first phase of the unit, the price from $1.95 million to $1.95 million.

Terra and Related has bought a lot of art for Park Grove, according to David Martin, President of Terra. The group spent more than $1 million on a number of works by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, on display at the Richard Gray Gallery. Titled the bordeaux poet (body soul god, country, water fire), the work consists of three resin sculptures, illuminated, sitting on the poles of 35 feet.

Martin admits that the art of focusing on Terra’s project is not unique to Park Grove. “Every project we do has an art focus – we’ve done a lot of art in all the development projects,” he said. He added that Park Grove’s design goal was to have a particularly active part of the art, by holding curators’ lectures and taking turns to showcase individual collections.

Mr. Martin added that it attracted potential buyers who were more proficient than art. Today’s clients want to invest in thoughtful families, and attention to artistic detail is seen as an indicator of quality. “Our customers want to know [the development team] is making a deliberate decision,” Martin explains. “Not only does this mean hiring the right architect, it also means making the right decisions on the product until the door handles. I think the more we do, the more trust and confidence we get from our customers, and art is one of the most important elements of people’s connections. “He said.

Project affinity for the group’s art centre also appears in paraiso, an 11-acre gated apartment on the beach in Biscayne bay. The first phase of more than 1,400 homes will be available in March 2018. Carlos Rosso, the President of the apartment development department, responded to Martin’s purchase and engineered high-quality art to attract luxury buyers. “One hundred percent. “We think that art adds a lot of meaning to all the space for buyers,” Rosso says. “There is no point in public space unless you put some art there.

Terra and related specials are devoted to art competitions. In addition to the “art club” designed by full-time art experts, Park Grove will also provide free climate-controlled artworks on the site for those who use it too much. Martin said, in addition to the art club and the local art gallery established cooperation relations, will also bring work to parker grove, will hold “exhibition, to help people buy and sell art, art education, exhibition and personalized service”. Rosso said the group also hired two full-time curators to choose art for art.

Patricia Hanna, the art director of the group, goes further, saying that art is not just a reward, it is predictable for many people. “People are looking forward to what kind of art their architecture will have, and I think it has become a symbol of what we do,” she said. He added that buyers “become part of a collection” in a unit in Paraiso.

In Chicago, Jeanne Gang’s much-anticipated Vista tower-set will be completed in 2020 and is expected to be the pinnacle of luxury life in windy city. The Magellan Development Group, which is developing Vista, has introduced art-related facilities to push itself to Terra and the same buyers in Miami. In September this year, Vista Tower at the Chicago world expo has set up a booth to the exhibition is the city’s annual large-scale contemporary Art gallery – Chi – Town “Art Basel” (Art Basel) medium. Robin Tebbe, chief marketing officer for Magellan, said there was a lot of interest from buyers. “Our buyers tend to be supporters and connoisseurs of fine arts,” Tebbe said. (Vista units are more upscale, ranging from $1 million to $17 million)

Vista is a destination for artists to build – far from it – but the team to realize, training high quality art attracts potential homeowners, they tend to keep consistent with art or identified as collector. This is why Vista Tower’s sales gallery, which is still in construction in bulk, has been set up as an art space of 10,000 square feet. The art of some of the top galleries and artists from Chicago has been in the gallery, including Jim Dine at Richard Gray gallery, Judy Ledgerwood of Rhona Hoffman gallery and Angel Otero of Kavi Gupta gallery. However, Tebbe says that once the units of the building are filled, the sales corridor setup may not continue.

Tebbe believes that, as Martin said in Park Grove, luxury buyers are attracted to the whole package, and art is now seen as an integral part. “In addition to art, our buyers are attracted to this iconic building and notice the details of our finishes,” she said. “These are the things we integrate into our lives.”

In addition to using art to sell to a customer, some developers use a statement board and device to arouse the curiosity of passers-by and draw potential buyers from the street to the sales room. Douglas elie mann (Douglas Elliman), senior vice President of marketing, Matt d jl (Matt Villetto) canal side apartment building in brooklyn bond Street no. 363 (Ball Street) work put forward the idea. (the studio starts around $2,000 a month.) Villetto commissioned the popular street art muralist Tristan Easton to create a splash fresco on the roof of a building called Brooklyn Crush. The two women’s faces were mixed with eton’s popular collage and looked up at the second (or third) eye.

Villetto explained: “Tristan Eaton has a hip factor with real j hip in the building, and it feels right.” The fact that his star keeps rising helps us – we can certainly use his name. “Villetto hopes the water tower mural will be the latest landmark in brooklyn. While official status has yet to be approved, eton’s frescoes have attracted the attention of the neighborhood. “People go into the rental office and say, ‘I’m looking for buildings in the water tower,'” Villetto said. This usually ends with a new lease.

All items within the price range can use artwork and sell themselves successfully. From direct appeal to the Miami Park Grove and Paraiso area such as works of art collectors, the gallery partnership and site-specific works as a marketing tool, developers are using buyer desire for the whole life experience and art are often part of the expected now. “There is a connection between our owners,” Martin said. “they love to show important works in their homes. “I think it’s very proud of where we live.”


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