2018 Modern accent is a big surprise for a car


When driving a modern 2018 accent, you may pinch yourself repeatedly. why? Mainly because this car is definitely not what you expect entry-level models.
Since its 1994 launch, Accent has been considered a no-frills, plain Jane models for taxi fleets and mercy appearance.

However, the new fifth-generation Accent significantly raised its game design, a new, attractive design, excellent performance and processing power, as well as with the larger, more expensive cars comparable functions.
The design is slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, avoiding the clumsiness and bubble support ratio of most small cars.

Elegant 1.6-liter engine performance comparable with the competitors, but the real highlight is the overall improvement of the car. 2018 Accent models longer driving experience surprisingly comfortable experience and a range of infotainment features impressive is the price of teenage car.
Mike O’Brien, vice president of product planning modern representation: “Accent is the entry point for new buyers.” It must provide excellent value and function, because its prices are competitive with the used car market. And there are 50 million used cars sold, so this is a big competition. ”

Hyundai is commendable because there is not another streamlined “econobox” sedan available. This is a move that wants to force other automakers to put more effort into the starter model.


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