Can Strait Bridge be as bold and beautiful as these miracles?


The fantastic infrastructure fantastical King of the Clown once again stole the limelight through his absurd plan of crossing the 22-mile bridge across the Strait. With spending priorities, Boris Johnson’s idea is crazy. Much of the southeastern part of England is medieval, infrastructural, and it is also the busiest fairway in the world.

But these are not important. In this world, with 37 million pounds of public funds Johnson rushed to another dream project on the River Thames – Garden Bridge, a great strait crossing point is easy to be thought of. There is no doubt that the designer of his expensive public gadgets Thomas Heatherwick has been rustling.
Can we queue up for a fungus candy of copper foil, sprinkle fairy dust from the water and take a streamlined sourcing process. Perhaps it will be a clever design to roll back on itself to form a scalable sculpture of Joanna Lumley’s hair.

Or is Norman Foster, a large, spontaneous project leader already planning? He has created an attractive infrastructure vision for Johnson that has produced compelling plans for the futuristic airport “Boris Island” on the Thames Estuary linked by a high-speed rail link.
In other words, France’s Filla Millau Viaduct (a cross-channel collaboration with Frenchman Michel Virlogeux) is one of the most elegant, large-span buildings in the world, hanging like a valley in a minimalist brilliance. A transparent spider Net, give you the feeling of floating in the clouds. Foster undoubtedly redeployed something as sophisticated as Lamanches – perhaps a thrilling swing like the Millennium Bridge.

Another candidate who may bring a glimpse of an aging celebrity will be the world-renowned (self-appointed) iconic Tsar Santiago Calatrava. “I tell you I was involved in 50 projects in some very different cities.” He presented a white whale structure in his Dubai speech in 2016 and is trying hard to remember some of these cities.
However, for all lazy stylistic repetitions, it is hard not to be overwhelmed by his spectacular advice to Doha Bay. A series of pouring bridges and tunnels, like some distorted sea monsters in the capital of Qatar, create a template that can be used to bypass all the nasty ships in the Strait. However, it may take the entire European Union’s annual budget to pay for his expenses.

But for Johnson’s vanity project, funding has never been an obstacle. Emirates provided a permanent place on the London Underground map in exchange for a portion of their funding for the aerial tram links on the River Thames, which of course he could entangle for a similar problem at the Boris Bridge. Perhaps his close friend Lakshmi Mittal might step in to donate some of the steel, just as he donated some of the steel like the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in the Olympic Park, Creating a structure for taxpayers to spend up to £ 10,000 a week.
Or he can look east? Boris address book with China’s billionaire, which Xu Ping, to whom he sold London East Royal Pier for £ 1 billion, is full of hidden claims in a comfortable relationship. China, after all, has become the world leader in long-span buildings. Seven of the longest bridges in the world, including 102 from Danyang in Jiangsu Province to Kunshan Bridge, to the astonishing series of cable-stayed bridges and tunnels, eventually linked Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macau this year. If money runs out, it can always turn into one of the longest tables in the world.


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