Drive: The new unique Lexus LS 500h luxury flagship


Too much good taste can eccentric? When I slipped into the LS 500h, thought took place on me. This Lexus family of flagship products and traditional products. This is precisely the charm of it, because LS in a unified suit in the world competition. At least in Europe, the luxury executive market is managed by the A8, 7 Series and S-Class models from Germany’s top three car companies, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. These are great products, super designs and designs, but a bit serious – maybe too adult. Brands like Lexus know that there is not much chance of competing with these traditional brands based on great value, but it is an inviting choice because they are brave, expressive and unusual.
The car I want to drive is the fifth generation of LS, starting from January of this year in most markets and electric hybrids to buy. It combines a 295-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine and two electric motors with a total output of 354bhp, an economy of 39.7mpg and a carbon dioxide emission of 161g / km. The LS is equipped with the same “multi-stage” self-charging gasoline-electric hybrid system that powers my LC same-class car driving in the summer, using a lighter and more compact battery pack. Compared with the traditional hybrid, V6 and motor power can be amplified through the automatic transmission to obtain greater driving force, acceleration, four-wheel drive allows 0-62mph for 5.4 seconds, four-wheel drive models.
LS’s performance is based on the foundation of the Global Luxury Architecture (GA-L), an extended version for LC. Therefore, the LS wheelbase can now be 3125mm, 35mm longer than the outgoing car. However, despite the increase, the driver is still somewhere in the center. The architecture also allows the car to sit down. This basically means a more balanced driving, comfortable cockpit and sporty look.

The coupé’s silhouette replaces the more conservative sedan design, which is commonplace in this area. Low-profile, two-door sedan styling, especially the expressive front grille provides avant-garde and young beauty. Spindle grille – now a symbol of all Lexus products – is also a very complicated design. The complex grid, made up of 5,000 separate surfaces (7,000 on the top F-Sport), took master Lexus CAD modelers for six months. On the LS, the sides of the grille are slim three LED headlights – a subtle echo at the rear.

Chief Designer Koichi Suga said: “Our goal is to create a longer, lower, more spacious models, and have more strength.” Our sketches emphasize smooth contours and large tires, “These are 20 inches When he entered the car, he wanted us to have a straightforward feeling that we were looking at a different interior than the luxury cars we had seen before. “So the LS cab was bright and for hybrids Very quiet. At a higher level of decoration, this is also a gallery of craftsmen exhibiting the complex and exquisite craftsmanship of Lexus and a handful of more than 25 years of experience.

For example, the hand pleated option on the door panel uses a pleated fabric pleating technique that requires the folding of a separate sheet of material such that the finished three-dimensional panel changes appearance from day to night and uses ambient interior lighting. The top decorative model I have come with a decorative glass panel based on ancient Japanese Kiriko technology. Then the art timber finishes using a precise technique of novelty with wood veneer. One such method is to cut the veneer using laser technology to expose the underlying metal so that the pattern resembles the L-shaped pattern embedded in the spindle grid design.
The LS cockpit is pilot-centric and offers direct access to all of the driver’s functions, with the flowing metal structure dominating the dashboard and hiding the vents. The soft-leather seats are comfortable and have lots of leg and headroom, especially rear-seat passengers that can adjust height, slide, tilt and enjoy the folding screen, as well as nineteen loudspeaker Mark Levinson stereos. A rear passenger can further relax by using the padding of the front passenger seat head restraint to smoothly move the seat over one meter of legroom, ideal for the driver of the car while driving. Finally, there is a dedicated acupressure menu that gives all occupants the same thumb-pressure on the move.
Lexus has definitely started to form a new visual vocabulary with its pinnacle of models. On the one hand, LS said that contemporary Japan, an obsession with technological advances and clever stuff. On the other hand, it focuses more on older traditions, emphasizing time, sophisticated craftsmanship and beauty. Toshia Asahi, chief engineer of the car, said: “LS will not only symbolize the Lexus brand, but will also become a new generation of luxury cars that reflect the tradition and culture of Japan.” However, it took a while to drive on the LS in a more elaborate production mode, and later a broader version was introduced, I’ve started to appreciate its courage, unrulyness and a lot of dedication and craft creation .


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