Experts, industry and PM poured water on Boris Johnson Bridge


With the development of ideas, this has not been a huge success. Architects, porters, shipping and lawmakers so far have expressed their doubts about Boris Johnson’s ambition to build a 22-mile (35-kilometer) bridge across the Taiwan Strait – and even the prime minister said he would not this way.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs made the idea Thursday, telling the French president that it is “absurd” that the two largest economies in the world have only one railway line to join and later mess up the pictures of the two countries.
But on Friday, Downing Street quickly poured cold water ideas. The spokesman for Theresa May has repeatedly said on the premier’s opening to the cross-Strait Bridge that “there is no concrete plan.”
He said: “I agree with this view yesterday, I think the Foreign Minister recommended the same way, they are a panel of experts, they will look at major projects, including infrastructure.”

This prospect of dismissal will be regarded as an omission by Johnson, who had backed some ambitious infrastructure projects but did not see it during the day.

His latest proposal is not superficial and matches the reservations elsewhere, including the British Maritime Association, which represents more than 180 maritime industry organizations.

“Building a huge concrete structure in one of the world’s busiest waterways can present some challenges,” the company tweeted, although people might be obscuring any potential maritime obstacles in the strait.
Guy Platten, Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, said: “There are farsighted, especially transport infrastructure projects, but the Dover Strait is the busiest waterway in the world and hundreds of ships are built daily by commercial shipping, fishing and yachts.

“Building a 22-mile-long bridge across the Strait will be a huge construction project, especially since the largest ship currently passing the Strait is over 70 meters tall.

“Shipping moves 95% of British trade – which is crucial, and its movement is still frictionless with as few interruptions as possible. The government and the European Union should concentrate on maintaining freedom of trade through our ports, which is in the economic interest of both advantageous.”
The Road Transport Association said the cost and actual impact of the Cross-Strait Bridge will be “huge.” Its chief executive, Richard Burnett, said: “We’d better spend less on improving our run-down path and opening more truck parks.

“The Dover Strait carries more than 500 vessels daily, so construction will have a devastating impact on maritime traffic. What is the impact on the Kent Road Network?
“Channel Tunnels and ferry routes operate well, so it does not make sense to invest a large amount of taxpayer money in expensive bridge projects that we do not need, given the uncertain economic environment.

Johnson’s Conservative colleague Dover MP Charlie Elphicke said cash should be invested in Kent. “Boris is right, and we absolutely must invest in infrastructure to keep trade between Britain and France.”

“First, let’s take a look at Dover’s A2 and then build the Lower Thames Crossing and Truck Park on the M20, surely not a bridge for the government to invest in Kent.”

However, engineers say the idea of ??the Strait Bridge is not as attractive as it might seem. Alan Dunlop, a professor of architecture at the University of Liverpool, mentions a 34-mile-long Newbridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau for £ 12 billion. It has not opened to traffic yet.

He told The New York Times: “There is no regulation, process, health and safety and no use of Chinese workers.” I think there is at least £ 120 billion for the Straits Bridge, a conservative estimate. Getting France closer will really make it cheaper. ”
Ian Firth, a former chairman of the Structural Engineers Association and bridge designer, told the BBC today on the 4th show: “It’s perfectly feasible. There are bridge options under review before the tunnel is built.

“If not exactly the same, there are similar bridges elsewhere, which of course is not a long span, and the economy may tend to span 800m to 1km. This will be a daunting task, but it is definitely possible The problem of shipping impact can be solved. ”

Dover Strait is 20.7 miles (33.3 kilometers) with an average depth of 45 meters (147 feet).

Johnson supports a series of ambitious infrastructure projects that have not yet materialized. As mayor of London, he opened the cable car for the £ 60 million Emirates Air Line, which failed to attract the desired commuter traffic. He wanted to build an airport called Boris Island at the mouth of the Thames, but the idea was considered impractical and expensive compared to expanding Heathrow. He also supported the construction of a garden bridge across the River Thames in western London, abandoned by his successor, Sadiq Khan, who did not value for money.


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