Million Dollar Supercar in Kuching Scottsdale: Pagani Huayra, Porsche 918, McLaren P1


High-volume auctions in Scottsdale offer intermediate muscle cars and hot rod rafts – no shortage of U.S. and smaller older sports cars. As a counterweight, Scottsdale’s premier winter auction is the centerpiece of modern supercars and supercars, which is gaining in importance as purchasing power changes. On January 19 and 20, Gooding will deliver a range of low-mileage supercar sports from Pagani, Porsche, McLaren, Lexus, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Here are some more interesting ones.
Horacio Pagani’s “Zonda” surprisingly attracted many supercar builders, and his next car, Huayra, proved Pagani to no avail. Gooding provided the 87th Huayras 100, finished in red carbon fiber, Carbonio Rosso. The car has covered less than 1,000 miles, including the original tools, manuals and custom luggage.
Powered by Pagani’s AMG twin-turbo V12 engine, the Huayra reaches 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and reaches about 230 mph on an airport runway or enclosed runway. Perhaps most importantly, Pagani can build these cars to the taste of their customers, providing unique details to the car as long as the engineering integrity is not affected. Estimated 2.2 million -2.6 million US dollars.
The Porsche 918 Spyder is a sports car that is defined as a “supercar” and is as practical and sturdy as any 887-horsepower sports car. This is a Porsche: a complete car, a car. The combined gas-electric torque of Hybrid V8 is 940 lbf. Factory numbers reference 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Auto magazines rarely follow the manufacturer’s rigorous testing system – most people do not add ballast to simulate the weight of passengers, while several car magazines release time as low as 2.4.
The small V8 came straight from the RS Spyder, signaling the Porsche’s return to the prototype (which beat the larger diesel-powered Audi at many US circuits) and reached 9,150 rpm. The 918 took the lead in introducing a new generation of exotic materials at Porsche and pushing the company’s hybrid thinking to the limit. 918 Spyder held a four-year production car record in Nürburgring at 6:57.00. Even with a carbon fiber structure, it weighed 3700 pounds. Porsche provided only 918 examples, and the 918 Spyder was sold out in the six months before the final car was built in June 2015.

The cars that Gooding Scottsdale offers are a unique color scheme: with a red protective cover on the garnet interior, optional carbon fiber, and no shortage of Porsche Specials. The original owner bought a classic Porsche Coat, most buyers want, and less than 100 miles of record, this is a clear indicator of an investment vehicle. As for how Porsche rewards and trains employees, the US Market Product Planner for the 918 is now the owner of Porsche North American product PR team, a comic-style person who likes to be influenced by Tom Hanks’s work. Estimated to be $ 1.8- $ 2.2 million.
McLaren is a cult about the ruthless British rider. After an almost deadly counter-attack, the original MP4 / 12C was pushed back to the customer as early as 18 months, giving early adopters an unhappy big detail – McLaren needed A golden arrow to restart the new brand.
P1 is delivered, one of the most impressive out of ten years in the world, one of the most luxurious sports cars of all time. The McLaren uses a twin-turbo V8 engine and adds a large electric motor to help define the engineering and marketing term “torque fill” to ensure that P1 provides a torque and shock acceleration in almost any situation. Unlike the Porsche 918, which explores the benefits of a wide range of hybrid gases, there is no pretense in P1: P1 is purely heartless. McLaren created 375 examples.

Design boss Frank Stephenson sculpts a hitherto unknown face in his attempt to help P1 and McLaren escape the recent grudge of MP4 / 12C. Stephenson also designed one of the most sexy behind the scenes. The joy of owning these types of cars is memorization, and Stephenson is one of the most important designers of the past 25 years. At BMW, he is the author of the first BMW X5, then MINI 2001-02. As the Ferrari design boss, he created the F430, which is clearly a role model for the MP4 / 12C. P1Gooding offers a special carbon black uniform and has traveled less than 1,700 miles since the new car. Estimated to be $ 1.8- $ 2.2 million.
Nicknamed “Lexus for Akio,” commemorating young Toyota Akio, who currently heads his family’s modest carmaker, LFA is not once, but twice. Toyota did not break the tradition of high-performance sports cars and super sports cars, but after two attempts to make it well. When Akio saw the first version of the material in traditional materials, he dropped the project and told the engineer to start over. Finally, Toyota produced fabrics 100 years ago, demonstrating unprecedented carbon fiber applications, especially carbon fiber tubes woven on a compelling circular loom that traced its ancestry to the company’s source DNA. The LFA’s 72 degree V10 is mounted on a front mid-engine, such as the Ferrari f12 berlinetta or the 812 Superfast. People can talk about designs, it has an element of a transformer and Toyota becomes a supercar.
Taking into account the base price of $ 375,000 five years ago and unique materials, LFA seems to be a super sports car world at 3.6 seconds at 0 to 60 mph, which can be done in three seconds or less a little. But LFA is designed as a purely naturally aspirated supercar, not as a fun supercar, given Toyota’s leadership in hybrid design. In the case of the Nürburgring package, LFA briefly held a 7:14 record in the Nürburgring. This is not like a sledgehammer on the Nissan GT-R, but unfortunately the car is often compared to most people because both are Japanese. LFA really is the Japanese answer to Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. This is a purebred sports car, not a cruel but unfinished chariot.

LFA is a collector who understands the story behind the car, how Toyota is doing it, given the company’s lack of ongoing sports car development. Curiously, I found out that Japanese auto fans are less interested than traditional supercar buyers. Lexus produces only 500 LFAs, each one ordered. Given the initial recognition of Lexus as a luxury brand in North America, it is not surprising that the United States eventually received the extra configuration to shift from a declining market for car sales. America love Lexus. Given how easy it is to spend more than $ 400,000 on the Ferrari 488 today, its new car price may not be as shocking as it was then.

Only 50 of Gooding’s products are Nürburgring package LFAs, totaling 500 pieces and yielding 498 pieces. Coupled with a 10-horsepower LFA pencil and a re-calibrated gearbox, the Nürburgring package reduces gearshift time by 0.05 seconds and reduces time to 0.15 seconds. It is also equipped with a more pronounced low front wheel and a fixed rear wheel to increase downforce. The Nürburgring Package increased $ 70,000 to a base price of $ 375,000. Purchases include one night stay at the Nürburgring and one-on-one driver training at “The Ring”. Completed in Whitest White with red and white upholstery, LFA 498 is new, apparently another car less than 60 miles originally purchased as an investment. Estimated to be 900,000 to 1,200,000 U.S. dollars.


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