Elon Musk Sells $ 3.5 Million Flamethrower in One Day


Elon Musk, a billionaire billionaire owned by electric car company Tesla and tunneling company Boring, has sold a $ 3.5 million “boring” flamethrower in less than 24 hours.

The maverick businessman got last week a deal to see him recover $ 55 billion and promised that if The Boring Company sold 50,000 baseball caps for $ 20 a share, he would start Sales flamethrower.

After the hat was sold out, Musk began selling a $ 500 flamethrower Sunday and said with his twitter: “Make sure any one is alive!”
In a video post on Instagram, Musk said “Do not do this” and then use a flamethrower to run toward the camera. “In addition, I want to make it clear that the flamethrower is a super awesome idea.Do not buy one unless you like it.”
Within a few hours, customers ordered 7000 flamethrower for $ 500 each for $ 500 each. The company has 20,000 stockpiles.

Musk joked on Twitter that he was “totally wrong” in rumors that it was secret to make a zombie apocalypse to create a demand for a flamethrower.
Musk did not respond to the Guardian question on the safety of the sale of flamethrower to anyone on the Internet.

He said on Twitter that the decree issued by the U.S. Atlases of Fire, Fight, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) stipulates: “A flamethrower with a flame shorter than 10 feet is good A. Our design is the greatest pleasure of least danger. More afraid of steak knife. ”
“Buy a High-priced Boring Company Fire Extinguisher! You can definitely buy one less elsewhere, but this riyight comes with a cool sticker and buttons that are convenient,” the site said.

Musk was stuck in a traffic jam and a year after the company started tunneling Twitter: “Traffic is driving me nuts. I’m going to build a tunnel boring machine and start digging …”

The company’s website said it plans to connect the city’s underground tunnels with ultra-high-speed electric “skates” that can carry cars and people. The company is planning to build a parallel I-405 tunnel with Los Angeles and also facilitates Elon Musk’s personal commute from the Bel Air home to Hawthorne, Calif.


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