Infiniti has become Nissan’s electrified brand


Hiroto Saikawa, chief executive of Nissan Motor Co., said in a car conference in Detroit that all Infiniti models from 2021 onwards will be motorized to separate luxury brands from mainstream Nissan brands, in addition to large SUVs.

Saikawa said at the Automotive News World Congress in conjunction with North American International: “We are working to make Infiniti a premium brand and a highly electrified brand.” At this conference, Infiniti Q Inspiration concept, do not need to install a large engine compartment.
The lack of detail from those who replaced Carlos Ghosn, but said the carmaker is implementing a two-pronged electric strategy. All vehicles are either purely electric or will have “electric power,” meaning that a petrol engine will contribute to the power of the generator but will not be used to actually propel the vehicle. The engine acts as a generator for the battery, while the motor powers the vehicle.

This means that virtually all new Infiniti models launched after 2021 will be electrified and by 2025 half of the Infiniti models will have some form of electrification, Saikawa said. The brand will also launch its first all-electric car in 2021.
Infiniti also invested heavily in gasoline engines, introducing VC turbo technology, the first variable compression ratio engine to provide gas engines with hybrid or diesel engine torque and efficiency. The advanced powertrain is on the QX50 in 2019.
Saikawa hopes more car makers will invest heavily in electric vehicles, which will encourage consumers to embrace them. Nissan brand has become the leader of the leaf, is now the second generation.
Nissan has started their six-year business plan, and by 2022, it is expected to make full use of its potential in the second half of the plan.


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