Republican Senator: The party should consider returning Steve Wynn cash


Two Republican senators said on Sunday that their party should immediately consider withdrawing donations from Las Vegas casino tycoon Steve Wynn for sexual harassment and attacks on him.
Republicans have previously called on Democrats to move from including Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein,

In early October, RNC Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel tweeted that returning the Weinstein’s dirty money should be easy if the Democratic National Committee “truly represents women as they say.”

Mr McDaniel confirmed Wynn’s resignation in a statement on Saturday, which he reportedly discussed with Trump. RNC did not immediately say if it would return any money donated by Wynn.
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told ABC Sunday this weekend that he should return Wynn money if he finds the allegations “valuable” to him .

Graham said: “We should do our request to the Democratic Party.” “I do not think we should have double standards ourselves.

Susan Collins of Maine told CNN trade unions that Republicans should pay back the money if the recent donations have not run out. Collins said she did not receive the Wynn money.

Wynn led RNC’s fundraising efforts during the first year of the White House at Donald Trump, helping them raise more than $ 130 million in funding.

According to the Federal Election Commission, he personally contributed more than 600,000 U.S. dollars.

He resigned as the Wall Street Journal on Saturday and accused several women of being harassed and attacked. According to the report, there was one case in which a manicurist reached a settlement of 7.5 million yuan.

Wynn denied the allegations and said in a statement: “The incredible successes we have had to continue. To make the United States a better place, the work we are doing is so important that we do not suffer from such distractions damage.”

Wynn was one of the organizers of a Trump fundraising event held last week at Florida’s President’s Resort Marathon Resort to celebrate the inauguration day.

The president can not attend due to the closure of the government. Wynn also assisted in organizing events in Dallas in October and New York City in December.

Wynn donates to a wide range of politicians, including Senator Heller from Nevada and Greg Gianfort, a Montana legislator.

According to the federal record, in May last year, Wynn gave Gianforte $ 2,700 on the same day politicians attack Bennett.


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