You may actually be able to buy a Chevrolet car to develop ZR2 parts


At this year’s SEMA, Chevrolet demonstrated a host of high-performance road races, but also brought several hardcore off-road concepts to those of us who like to get a little mud on the tires. However, concept cars like the ZR2 midnight version and the ZR2 AEV look cool, and the best trucks shown can be described as the normal white ZR2 racing concept. why? Because you can actually buy parts.

Truck Development The truck crosses the line between the very capable ZR2 and full-power off-road racing. It features 33-inch tires, a 1.5-inch body lift, wheel mats, steel drive shafts, new air intakes and performance vents, and skateboards that cover the differential and rear impact. In addition, thanks to the new high-hinged tie rods and suspension links, ball joints and front axle, your suspension travel will increase by 20%. Oh, when it’s paired with the air intake, it’s said that the exhaust is going to add another 10 horsepower.
Chevrolet says it has taken lessons learned from off-road racing and some of the parts it has developed on a real Colorado race car to make racing cars. Although these parts have not yet become green, it said that part of the reason the truck went to SEMA was to measure consumer interest. So if there are enough dealers that they need these parts, they will be put into production.
Chevrolet also has a practical record of putting SEMA into production. They are not as fun as racing trucks, but SEMA 2015’s Red Line Camaro turned into a redline version earlier this year. If you are interested in Camaro and have a look package to justify the production run, there are certainly plenty of customers who like Chevrolet to supply these parts with their dealer along with Racing Development trucks.

Part of the problem is that it is hard to predict what benefits OEM off-road components can have. ZR2 has been so capable that the PR team said they are buying more vehicles from Jeep Wranglers. Although the team originally thought the ZR2 would be a niche, they said they now account for 10% of Colorado’s sales. They find it interesting to provide owners with the options to make their trucks more capable, but at this point it may be anyway.
Even with full stock, the ZR2 has more powerful off-road capabilities than most people need. Chevrolet is proud of the ZR2 not only conquering the Rubicon Trail, but also climbing up to Cadillac Hill in 90 minutes. And if the transmission was not stubbornly focused on maximizing fuel economy, it could beat the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram 2500 Power Wagon in our three-way comparison test. On the contrary, it can only beat the Raptor.
Maybe ZR2 on the market is more capable, but if not, that’s understandable. On the other hand, Chevrolet has developed all the parts. It would be a shame not to see them. So if you like truck racing, keep calling your dealer. Tweets in Chevrolet. Written on the Facbeook wall. Comment on their Instagram post. Let the person in charge know that you really like the idea of ??modifying ZR2 with OEM warranty parts.

Because if Chevrolet is able to put the red Camaro into production, it is certain that it can sell a series of awesome off-road accessories for the ZR2.


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