Carrie jenner ‘over ‘Snapchat – and Wall Street panic.


Reality TV star kelly jenner deducted $1.3 billion (1 billion pounds) from Snapchat’s stock market value after tweeting that she no longer USES her messaging app.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian’s half-sister release: “does sooo stop opening Snapchat? Or just me… Well, that’s sad.

Snapchat’s share price fell after Jenner’s tweet about the redesign of its 24.5 million Twitter followers.

A million people signed a petition asking Snap to roll back the change.

Snap’s shares fell 6 per cent on Wall Street after falling nearly 8 per cent on Wall Street and are now trading at $17 a share.

Snapchat is facing fierce competition from Facebook Instagram, especially celebrity users – and ms Jenner’s attack comes at a time when investors are already worried.

Ms. Jenner later posted a follow-up article on Twitter: “still love you, snap… My first love.

Snapchat has rejected a complaint about a redesign in November, and earlier this month its boss, Evan Spiegel, said users only needed time to get used to it.

However, Mr Spiegel has some news to cushion the blow, with Thursday’s news that his gross income last year was a staggering $637.8 million.

It is considered the third highest annual package for the company’s chief executive.

However, when the company is listed on the stock market, the reward is greatly increased through stock awards.

Mr. Spiegel’s base salary last year was $98,078.

The kit traces the compensation of Daniel Och, head of hedge fund och-ziff capital management, in 2007 and 2008.

He received a $919.9 million annual package in 2007 and a $1.19 billion annual package in 2008. Tech billionaire elon musk has pulled out of the board of the research group he co-founded to study the ethics of artificial intelligence.

In a blog post, OpenAI said the decision was made to avoid any conflict of interest, as Mr Musk’s electric car company tesla became “more focused on artificial intelligence”.

He has been one of the AI’s most prestigious critics, emphasizing the potential dangers.

Mr Musk will continue to donate and advise the team.

In 2014, Mr Musk said that AI was the biggest existential threat to humanity.

In 2017, he says the United Nations needs to take action to prevent the killer robots from competing in an arms race.

He founded OpenAI in December 2015 as a non-profit company dedicated to “safe” AI.

Recently, OpenAI contributed to the “artificial intelligence malicious use” report, which warns that AI is mature enough to be used by rogue states, criminals and terrorists.

In a blog post, OpenAI says it will elaborate on the issues and policies needed to ensure that ai “benefits all humanity” in the coming months.

It also announced new donors, including Gabe Newell, a game developer for video, and Jaan Tallin, the Skype founder.


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