Volvo moves its sleek, sexy wagon design down the line with all-new V60


Even in the United States, the wagon is just the object of desire, and Volvo V90 is just a sexy family porter. Although the initial price is $52K, it is not suitable for everyone. The brand new Volvo V60 follows the V90 model and the spa – Platt structure, providing a smaller, more affordable Volvo manor with smooth lines and Raytheon’s eye. It also benefited from Volvo’s leading position in security, technology and subscription based procurement.

We are not sure that appearance is a major deterrent to future buyers, but we can’t imagine that they are also the factors that drive buying. This model is defined by an easy to be forgotten face and a thick body. It’s not the worst car on the highway, but it’s really a smaller one, and fewer genes give a new V90.

Volvo has solved this problem by combining the new structure and style of V60 with its new headquarters. The new V60 uses the more natural and attractive proportion of Volvo’s latest design language to make it thinner in appearance.This is partly because, in 187.4 years (4761 millimeters), its length is 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) longer than the current V60, and it is 2 inches (5 centimeters) in 56.2 inches (1427 millimeters). It is also due to the modified styling elements, such as the more plump glass house, the more prominent figure lines on the side, and the more robust buttocks. This version of V60 is definitely the same as the good genes of the new XC60 and 90 series models.

As part of the commitment to power the entire lineup by 2019, Volvo has provided the choice of V60’s two plug-in hybrid power system: 390 horsepower T8 dual engine AWD and 340 horsepower T6 dual engine AWD. Both of these two options bring an electric motor in front of a super / turbocharged 2 liter inline four row.

Volvo will also offer a 2 liter T5 and T6 gasoline engine option and a 2 liter D3 turbine and a D4 double turbocharged diesel engine. In the United States, V60 will launch a buyer’s choice of 250-hp 2 liter turbocharged T5 four cylinder front wheel drive or 316-hp 2 liter T6 super / turbocharging four cylinder full wheel drive.

In addition to its style and architecture, the new V60 will also enjoy the XC60 and 90 series of security technologies. The driver’s auxiliary system helps to drive, accelerate and brake on a high speed road, up to 80.7 miles an hour (130 kilometers per hour). Volvo says the latest adjustment improves turning performance. Urban safety and automatic braking systems work to avoid collisions, not only to identify other vehicles, but also to pedestrians, bicycles and large animals. The urban safety system can also start automatic brakes to mitigate the impending collision.

Nside, the car includes Volvo’s Sensus information entertainment system and apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G connections. The infrared location detection of the 9 inch panel touch screen command center integrates automotive information, navigation, connection services and entertainment applications.

Volvo (Volvo) announced V60 in Sweden on Wednesday, and the world will further understand the 2018 Geneva auto show by the next month. The new car will follow XC40 to enter Volvo (Volvo) brand new flat charging service, which will be provided by Volvo (Volvo), including the global market such as the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Customers will be able to avoid traditional ownership and order online, including one-stop subscription services including cars, insurance, services, wearers and roadside assistance.


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