‘Bar Rescue’ Jon Taffer is not afraid to call the founder on their BS.


If you know anything about Jon Taffer, you know he likes to shout. In his Spike TV Bar Barcue Taffer parachuting into entrepreneurs struggle Bar and turn them into a mess in three days, he is a looming, sometimes nasty – the eyes of a man is out of order, because he is incompetent beating the owners and employees. “I watched you pick up the raw chicken with your hands all night, and then touch the cooked food! “When the criminal party was shaking in front of him, he shouted, grabbed and threw a handful of cornflakes.

At the conference stage, Mr. Tafer, 64, gave a keynote speech on how to control the company, and he yelled at him during his speech. Even the cover of his new book screams: don’t laugh at yourself! To crush the excuses for your disappointment.

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But therein lies the paradox of Jon taffo. He spent two days behind him in his office and a small group of employees to meet for a long time, on the Las Vegas strip, expensive and niuniu meat, fly to the brewery, where he developed his whisky series, personal LA limousine driver, to meet with his Hollywood producer and his publicist – I have never seen him. (though he does curse like a sailor.) The people around them also seem to have not been supported by indecency and irascibility.

Finally, I just asked. “You look like a good man,” I said. “Can you explain to me where all the Shouting comes from?”

Taft quieted down when he thought. We pass the brown corporate jet in the 30,000-foot cold air – a double engine, the 1999 luxury 800, tailor-made leather upholstery behind the bentley. In the past two days, he had a quick answer to everything. But this stopped him.

“I don’t know where it comes from,” he concluded. “My private life didn’t really scream. To be honest, the bar rescue is such a strange environment because of the clock ticking. Not counting buildings, I have three days to save someone else’s life. It creates this very unusual frustration. If I didn’t get him or her to listen to my rights, now I’m dead. So I spoke out loud to make sure he or she really listened to me. Because I know how to make this person successful. ”

He took a sip of the soda he always drank. Outside the window, a series of western wildfires are clearly smoggy in the atmosphere. It bends the morning light and creates an eerie glow.

“Look, everybody says they know everything about success. There are a million self-help books there. But after 155 hours of rescue, I know more about failure than any businessman you’ve ever met. I’ve had incredible failures, people who have been so stupid so far. I see it week after week. After the 155-bar rescue, I found a common failure standard. It’s crazy: common standards of failure are excuses.

“Every time I ask someone, ‘why did your bar fail? I’ve got 10,000 excuses. They say it’s trump. They say it’s the euro. This is on my street. It’s winter. That’s it. That’s that. They never say they fail because of themselves. No one ever looked up at me and said, “I failed because of me.” ”

Taft himself could have made excuses. His early life provided him with ample justification for his failure or mediocrity. Perhaps this is why he has done so much for his latest push efforts – this is a beyond the ambitious plans of bars and nightclubs, and put himself into a more versatile self-help guru, a budding entrepreneurs in the United States and a single fighter. But 155 is often controversial, and the chaotic bar rescue has taught him that it is not easy to get people to listen.

Jon taff began his life as Jonathan Peter kass. He was not always kind in his early years.

On Christmas Eve, when he was two years old, tafer’s 34-year-old father died of a heart attack, leaving his family in disarray. Taver and his brother and his mother, Yvette, live with her parents in a large apartment in westchester, New York.

Taff’s grandfather was an entrepreneur named Saul susskloch. A jewish immigrant born in brooklyn, Suslock acquired the printing press when he was 15. This gave him the idea that, in order to charge merchants a little, he began to print advertising leaflets and insert them into newspapers sold by his parents on newsstands. With the passage of time, he added more booths, and then hired a boys club, left a notice at the gate of the apartment building in brooklyn, the process is basically to develop the process of direct mail.


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