Prato alava, Washington: Colombia extradited the largest drug suspect to the United States.


The man accused of smuggling more than 250 tonnes of cocaine over the past decade has been extradited from Colombia to the United States.

Prosecutors say the Ecuadorian national, prado arava, is a drug Lord who operates across the americas.

He is also accused of ordering the murder of judges, prosecutors and police in Ecuador.

In Colombia, Mr Prato arava is known as Ecuador’s pablo escovar, and the notorious medellin cartel leader was killed in 1993.

In Colombia, he tried to join the Farc’s leftist rebel group before signing a peace deal in 2016.

Prosecutors in Colombia say his intention is to use the transitional justice system to deal with the crimes committed by insurgents during the 50 years of conflict between the government and falk.

“Prato arava in Washington is considered one of the largest capos [bosses] in recent years and has become the primary target of the United States,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Mr PradoAlava is said to operate along Ecuador and Colombia’s Pacific coast.

Prosecutors say his speedboat was used to transport cocaine to Central America and Mexico regularly and to ship drugs to the United States from there.

In April 2017, Mr. Prato alava was arrested while visiting his family in the Colombian city of Cali.

The dea provided the Colombian authorities with important intelligence that led to his arrest, along with three other suspected gang members.

On Saturday, he was imprisoned in Bogota, the capital, and boarded a plane for justice in the United States.

The Colombian authorities say 50 agents were involved in the extradition operation.

The workers who tore up the Florida mansion were the owners of the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar, who discovered the hidden safe.

The new owner of the Miami mansion hired a professional treasure hunter to find the rubble.

They believe that Escobar, one of the world’s richest men, may be hiding cash and diamonds.

The 600kg (1,325 lb) safe has not yet been opened.

‘holy grail’

A staff member who was removing the last remaining wall of the beach house found a metal safe on the foundation.

Christian DE Berdouare, the house’s new owner, and his wife, Jennifer Valoppi, said they would put it in a safe place and “open it soon”.

“It’s the holy grail for us,” boss Christian DE Berdouare told local media.

Escobar is known for keeping large amounts of cash and precious stones at home in Colombia.

Shortly after the demolition began, workers had found a safe in the house, but it had disappeared before anyone could check it.

The couple said they had bought a house without knowing history.

When they discovered it was a notorious Colombian drug Lord, they decided to make a documentary about the demolition and search for hidden treasure.


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