The porsche’s hot new 911 GT3 RS remains natural.


Porsche 911 GT3 is an absolutely modern idol is a limited-edition runway frosted sports car, commitment has the original emotions driving experience, as well as the naturally aspirated engine hiss, relaxing music, will not waste any db for filling through the turbo. Yes, if you’re interested in high-performance electronics, this car won’t impress you. This is the latest reading of an old-school experience filled with voices and anger.

Now, at the Geneva motor show, porsche announced the launch of a new, sharper King Dingaling, used for the natural inspiration branch of the 911 tree: 911 GT3 RS. What do you mean by that? That means there are now no fewer than 24 different models to choose from, if you walk into a porsche dealership and yearn for 911.

GT3 RS is not suitable for a pony. Well, maybe so; Ruhr GT3 RS is not completely ignored on the side of the car. But luxury and etiquette are quickly eliminated in the cabin, and the interior allows you to feel the drive anywhere in the car. More importantly, if you choose a free Clubsport suit, the suit is available for a six-point racing harness, a fire extinguisher, and a roller-curtain cage.

The engine increased from 500 horsepower in the GT3 to 520 – an impressive four-liter six-cylinder flat-panel car that breathes without help. If you are prepared to handle a pair of turbochargers, you can choose up to 700 horses if you use the GT2 RS. The top speed is 193 miles per hour (312 km/h), while the GT3 RS 0-60 MPH is 3.0 seconds, a fifth faster than the standard GT3 with PDK transmission.

Yes, transmission. The RS may have some similar experience compared to the electric cars, hybrids and turbocharged engines on the market, but for some, it won’t be enough. Without a manual gearbox option, you are stuck in a 7-speed dual clutch Doppelkupplung shift automatic gearbox, which helps reduce power in a way that is more consistent than connecting rods and clutches. It significantly reduces sprint time and lap times. It also pushes purists up the wall.

Lightweight is a serious thing, like a hero car upgrade like this. This means the front trunk covers the carbon fiber and the fender and the rear deck. Seats are also reinforced with carbon. The glass on the window was considered too heavy and turned into something lighter. There was a pile of soundproof material on the door. Lightweight inner door handles are replaced by lighter doorways. The roof is made of magnesium. Vent, titanium. Final weight: DIN certified 1436 kg (3166 LBS) of empty weight.

If it is not enough for you to easily, and your pocket has a huge $18 burning hole, porsche will understand, and will be on the steering wheel on the roof, magnesium alloys before and after swinging rod, shift the beginning even alcantara grinding with the carbon fiber to replace them. It will only save 13 pounds (6 kg), but you know, every time you grab the carbon wheel, you are a great Weissach packaging, than those for amateur standard GT3 RS to others better.

There is also a 20/21 inch lightweight magnesium hub with the same size as the RS standard, with an extra $13 grand – if you have already provided support for the $18 grand package.

In order to avoid you think porsche ignores the aerodynamics, has a dirty big rear wings, a long front spoiler lip and a diffusion system, it will GT3 RS to ground speed is higher than ordinary GT3 two times. Before you test the puppy’s quick turn grip, start lifting weights with your neck.

The U.S. is priced at $187,500. Subscription books are open, and deliveries should start hitting dealers in the fall.


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