Are you downsizing? How to choose the best property for you?


There is a time when, in the lives of many people, when you start to weigh your family, it really needs to be.

Children may move out, there are extra rooms and unused Spaces, and your needs are the same.

It sounds like you’re ready to narrow down your family. But as an editor, how do you choose the best property for you?

Here are some key factors you should consider.

Are you a senior layoff? Adhere to the single stage

Most small salesmen prefer homes that are based entirely on one floor to prevent them from climbing up and down the stairs when they are older, says nelson machoka, Woodards’s agent.

“The most popular attributes we found in the demographics are on the ground,” says machoka.

“They don’t have any stairs or anything like that. If they do have a staircase or this situation, look for a suite in the main bedroom downstairs. They may sacrifice the first level, or rarely use it, but they usually like to use it when people visit. ”

Small enough to sustain, large enough for entertainment.

Party with friends, family and other social occasions of dinner for many dwarves are important, so choose a have large entertainment and family and grandson to sleep the room is very important.

“They want a beautiful kitchen that can be entertained,” Ms. Macuka said.

“Many of these people, even if they shrink, they still have friends and family to join with them to so ideally, they are still looking for a three-bedroom house, but in a more compact block. So there’s no big backyard or something like that – it’s easy to maintain. ”

Double under the garage.

‘a large garage is important for most small cars,’ he says.

First of all, most slimming couples will have two cars. Second, the garage provides additional storage space.

“A double garage is a must for many people,” he said.

“They’re still likely to be driving, it’s providing security and providing them with more storage space, which is very important when it’s downsizing.”

Plenty of internal space.

Just because you’ve narrowed down your family size doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to allocate a lot of money.

‘if you’re smart about your options, you’ll find a house that will hold most of your house,’ Mr. Machoka says.

“One thing that matters to them is their existing furniture and whether it meets the property standards they are going to enter,” he said.

“Many of them will try to keep their heirlooms and furniture, so they will look for a big enough house to keep their main furniture.”

A familiar position.

Unless they are pursuing dramatic changes in the sea or lifestyle, most of the editors are looking for a house that is close to where they are now, says Mr Machuka.

“A lot of people spend their lives here, so they don’t want to go too far.”

“From a financial point of view

this also is very reasonable, because if they are shrinking and they currently live in suburbs or regional scale, it would be a fairly simple deal, and they will be as a result, they have some money in his pocket. “


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