As students demand gun control, weapons makers continue to target the next generation of shooters


Parkland in Florida, on Sunday afternoon, the students for the first time back for Stoneman Douglas high school, this is since February 14, before was a 19-year-old student Nikolas Cruz went into the school, with AR – 15, semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 people. That’s because lawmakers return to Capitol hill after a week off. Congress is facing great pressure, to gun control measures, this is an unprecedented rise of the youth movement, by for Stoneman Douglas high school student leaders, they survived in the mass shooting. President trump repeated his call for the use of covert weapons armed teachers. For more information, we’ll talk to Lee Fang, an investigative reporter at The Intercept, who recently wrote an article titled “even if student movement increases, gun manufacturers will target young people.”

JUAN gonzalez: in the garden, Florida, on Sunday afternoon at Marjorie stoneman Douglas high school. It was the first time they had been in their school since February 14, when a 19-year-old former student, Nikolas Cruz, entered the school and opened fire with an ar-15 semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 people. The students’ return is part of what school officials say is a phased re-opening of the school.

That’s because lawmakers return to Capitol hill today after a break. Congress is faced with enormous pressure to survive through mass shooting Marjorie stone, Douglas high school students unprecedented in the rise of the youth movement led by gun control measures.

At the same time, President trump is again calling for armed teachers who are armed with concealed weapons. Mr. Trump spoke Friday at the conservative political action conference, CPAC.

President DONALD TRUMP: beauty is hidden. No one will see it unless they need it. It’s hidden! So this crazy guy goes in and doesn’t even know who it is. That’s good. That’s not bad. That’s good. Before he knew what had happened, the teacher would shoot him out of hell. They like their students. They like the students, the villagers. Please remember that.

AMY GOODMAN: according to the gun violence archive, at least 69 children under the age of 18 have been shot dead, 26 of them dead, because of a massive fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school two weeks ago.

So, in order to more talk about guns, gun makers and unprecedented gun control youth movement, we are now joined by intercepting investigative reporter li fang, his new chapter entitled “even if the student movement, gun makers aim is aimed at young people.”

Lee, welcome back to democracy! How do gun manufacturers target young people?

Li fang: hi, Amy. Thank you for your hospitality.

You know, we look at the gun manufacturers and other firearms industry company investors report, there are many reasons, but managers say they are for a new generation of guns, teenagers, millennials aiming at new impetus, mainly because of guns last year sales have been falling. That is partly because republican presidents and republicans in congress are hardly worried about controlling guns. The history of the gun industry is that they use the potential of gun control to stimulate panic buying, often using third parties such as the NRA to incite hysteria. Without this fear of gun control, gun sales would be reduced, so they tried to expand the market.

In addition, new analysis of the gun industry shows that young people do not buy guns to hunt as old people do. Most of them mimic the culture of video games. You know, they’re going to the gun store, buying vampires and zombies, and going to guns, buying really complex weapons, lots of ammunition. It is, as one gun industry executive put it, the Xbox generation they are trying to target. So even if a new youth leadership student movement demands gun control, the gun industry hopes to increase their market share by selling more guns to young people.

JUAN gonzalez: and, lee, can you talk about the Koch brothers’ guns and the Koch brothers that have established networks of funding campaigns, both campaigns and political campaigns?

Li: well, you know, the funny thing about the kochs and guns is that I don’t believe the kochs have a strong interest in gun control or gun control. But they do understand that this is an issue that fuels a conservative base, that republican voters are likely to vote on gun issues. So historically, we’ve seen the Koch brothers use their undisclosed financial institutions to fund the NRA. That’s because the NRA is going out to participate in the campaign, activating the republican base and getting them to vote. So, you know, when you see the NRA of television advertising, the money will come from the NRA members from guns, but it can also come from groups such as the Koch brothers, they hope that they will be used for a group of identity to activate their base.

AMY GOODMAN: can you talk about American outdoor brands? It used to be called Smith and wesson, right?

Li fang: yes. This is a company that sells a variety of different rifles, formally known as Smith&Wesson. They made the ar-15 used in the Parkland massacre. This is a company that donated millions of dollars to the NRA. They already have a marketing campaign with the NRA, and he says if you buy a certain amount of weapons, if you buy guns from us, some of the sales will go to the NRA. They have gone out and provided a lot of checks to the NRA, and there are some partnerships to celebrate them. It is a big company that sells weapons at retail stores across the country.


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