Toyota introduced a cute, comfortable Proace camper.


Volkswagen owns California. Benz had Marco Polo. Nissan has Michelangelo. Now Toyota owns Lerina, not developed by Westfalia, but by different “W” camps. The new Proace minivan is equipped with an interior made by the UK converter Wellhouse Leisure, which has extensive experience in creating compact camper vehicles such as ssangyong and ford’s bianco. A versatile multi-purpose van, Lerina can sleep and feed four at camp holidays before switching to a six-person mobile mode.

Like the other camper cars we’ve seen recently, including the aforementioned Michelangelo, lerner relies on the floor guide as a key pillar of his design. When additional cargo holds are required, these rails allow the rear seat of the camper to slide forward and then slide back at the camp to create a more spacious living area. In the evening, the bench folds into a major double bed.

Lerner’s layout is very familiar with the kitchen of the driver’s side with a glass top sink and stove. A 25-liter refrigerator and fresh water can help provide food and drink. With recreational batteries, a 100-watt solar panel and electrically connected electrical system can maintain the hum of on-board electronics.

Back up, a full-height wardrobe provides storage space. The compact interior has no proper bathroom, but the Wellhouse includes portable toilets.

Lerner’s popup roof adds a lot of clearance and opens the room. It can also be fitted with an optional double bed for two extra sleeper beds. A 2.2 kilowatt heater keeps the space warm throughout the year.

Lerina’s camping furniture and fixtures will not be dismantled like some modular campers, but you can choose to place two extra seats to create the right six seats for your family. An external awning with LED lighting is also an option.

Proace Comfort based on medium wheelbase, Lerina length is 4.95 m (195 inches). More importantly, its height is 1.98 meters (80 inches), which means it can go down in most underground passageways and fit into parking structures. It is equipped with a 120-horsepower and 180-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine with satellite navigation, cruise control, air conditioning and a 7-inch TFT info-entertainment display.

Lerina will be in England, Scotland and wales selected Toyota dealers around the launch, sells for 42000 pounds ($59000), the price is 120 horsepower, while the 180 – HP for 44250 pounds ($62000). The company’s parent company, Lunar, will make a manufacturing operation and, along with the country’s right rudder drive, will build an export left driving model to be delivered to Toyota dealers in other European countries.


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