Volkswagen has made questionable decisions to build convertible suvs.


The “SUV version” sounds good on paper – the power of the SUV and the fun of the open car, the fun of ventilation. But apart from the eternal staple, like an open-air jeep wrangler, the SUV is rarely seen in the back of the wheel. Chart A: nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Table B: the Evoque convertible. Will vw’s new t-roc convertible be a c-level exhibition, or will the people’s car maker be a breakthrough design that will complement the real paper design? It’s too early to know, but for better or worse, the public is preparing to put some money into the project.

On Friday, Volkswagen announced that it would go down a specific road that was less than that, stripping the roof of its new t-roc and creating a sleek SUV. As part of the multi-mode offensive, the measure is illuminated by green light and will include an investment of 80 million euros ($98.5 million) from the osnabluc plant.

As you may recall, Volkswagen first introduced t-roc as a two-door T top concept car at the 2014 Geneva motor show. According to our humble opinion, the concept seems there is no bad, and this is partly because the concept of the compact don’t like an SUV, in part because of the C column is fixed to prevent it looks like the previously mentioned nissan and land rover so embarrassed.

Based on the first draft of the Volkswagen t-roc convertible, it will look like a more traditional scalable canopy. The model looks like the top, with a slight incline to the top of the car and the compact motion of the two-door t-roc body, but the real test will be the appearance of the top collapse. T-roc’s flat, sturdy waistband makes it look like an Evoque convertible – that is, not very good.

Volkswagen is certainly more optimistic.

“Volkswagen is developing into an SUV brand,” explains Dr Herbert Diess, chief executive of Volkswagen. “With the t-roc roadster, we will add a highly emotional model to the series, and I am particularly pleased to note that we can rely on the experience of the Osnabruck team for decades.”

The 80 million euros investment will be used to produce the production technology, assembly and logistics modernization needed for the t-roc convertible, which will be launched in the first half of 2020. The new model will be part of the global SUV lineup, which is expected to make up about 40 percent of the car’s sales by then.


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