Will cars be put into space when life falls apart?


Warning. You will hate this article. Really, really bad. So if you have to skip it. But I don’t think it’s fair to ask an inconvenient question.

When life expectancy falls, is there a problem with launching space into space? When you’re in your life, you get in the way of cars getting into orbit and I know it’s falling apart?

That’s why I asked. I heard tweets from people and wrote, “tears flow from my face!” “I trust my country again! “We are gods! We will conquer the stars!! “I see a country in space with a hysterical frenzy.

Let’s talk about grounding for a moment – and then we’ll go back to the stars. The average American treatment is:

Less than $1,000.

No retirement.

No decent health care.

Never education kids.

There is no stability, security and opportunity.

This is the misery of the average American: life will decay, if not collapse, according to every possible social indicator.

How to send a space shuttle to space to help him or her? Oh, you’re against it. It’s good for you. It should be? So, what we do in society is for profit. Maybe not everyone – but someone. We regulate casinos and drugs precisely because they don’t usually. There is no real direct benefit to a space launch vehicle. So this is a development. But what kind of huge promises would it bring, and make people hysterical about it?

So, in these difficult and austere times, launching cars into space makes us proud of ourselves. “Look how powerful we are! We are pioneers! “But that’s not all, of course. You might say, “someday we’ll go to Mars! We will use cheaper resources to solve all our problems on earth! We’re going to shoot the asteroid home, and the expensive stuff is cheap! “So there are some indirect benefits, and you will say that one day it will be a reality, so mass hysteria. I don’t doubt it. But let’s think it over.

What is the big problem on this planet? Is there a shortage of resources? We have enough food to feed everyone in this country and the world – and we throw it away. We have enough vacant homes to house the homeless many times – there is no profit here. We have enough oil to sustain life – only the atmosphere melts first. We even have enough money for everyone to provide decent middle-class life – only we are new liberalism ideological extremists, from simply giving people basic income, savings and investment.

The big problem on earth is not that we don’t have enough resources. We do. The biggest problem is that we seem unable to allocate, manage or allocate the resources we have.

“All right. What does that little word mean? That means sustainability – in the last resort. It means to be fair – to the great inequality and inequality that will not result in the failure of the social contract. It means that (real) efficiency – with no “externalities” or hidden costs so large, they can significantly reduce the benefits we make. It means being effective – in ways that really change the way people live, these ways are falling apart. This means reason – to preserve and enhance our human nature, rather than to turn life into a bitter, bruising competition for the stage, just for the sake of existence. It is meant to be wise – to strengthen our democracy, not to integrate it into authoritarianism.

Yo. A tedious paragraph. But do you see what I’m trying to do? Our earth problems cannot be solved by escaping to the new frontiers of glory. This is a great lesson of history.

Let’s say, one day, these amazing space rockets take us to Mars. What will we do with our new Promised Land? So, we might end up doing the only thing we know how to do. It’s just as bad as what we’re doing here. The same tensions, contradictions and problems will emerge – authoritarianism, inequality, despair, anger. These problems cannot be solved with more resources, new Promised Land, new borders – only temporary restores. Our real problem is distribution, management and distribution of what we already have, and there are many — but somehow, because we don’t know how to manage it, not enough.

So. Drive the car into space. You have the right to say that one day, it might be good. Maybe we’ll trickle down all kinds of new gadgets, convenience, etc. So, now you’re a trickle-down economist, how do you cheat yourself? But just as trickle-down economics fails in other ways, you say that stars are the most important, the best, the first or the last. It’s not going to solve our biggest problem, it’s not a shortage of resources – it’s a lack of good management, management and regulation, and we do have a lot of resources.


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