Apple revealed that AC Wellness center focuses on patient experience and population health.

Cupertino, CA, United States - August 15, 2016: the Apple world headquarters at One Infinite Loop in California. Apple is a multinational that produces consumer electronics, personal computers and software.

pple will launch a group of internal health centres that will help improve employees’ health. The main consumer technology company quietly released a web page called AC Wellness Network, which includes a description of the company’s goals and information about unliquidated positions.
As jpmorgan chase and Berkshire hathaway surprising partners jointly developed by the technical competition amazon become the independent health care company, the company to the pace of employee health is very fast. The company is focused on improving employee health at cost.
“AC Wellness Network believes that access to the relationship can promote high-quality care and a unique patient experience through technology implementation and patient trust,” the company wrote on its website. “These centers provide unique concierge medical experiences for employees and their families. Candidates must have an understanding of the patient’s experience and enthusiasm for health and population health – to promote the integration of best practices and technologies in the way patients participate. ”

According to the website, AC Wellness will be launched sometime in the spring and will be “independent medical practice”.
However, the company is an apple subsidiary, according to new recruitment information posted on the network. The list released in early February, from doctors to workflow designer, also shows that the first batch of center will be located in Santa Clara, California and new campus in cupertino, California.
CNBC reports that some former Stanford health care workers have joined AC Wellness for at least five months. These sources also said that apple will introduce in the mass consumer before the center as its upcoming health and health care product testing field, and the company inform third-party suppliers this week about the open health clinic.
With apple planning to work in physical locations, amazon’s partnership seems to focus more on developing new health technologies that can be expanded across the United States.


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