Mr. Hicks, a trump aide, declined to answer questions in the Russian investigation.


President Donald trump‘s longtime aides hope hicks on Tuesday on the house intelligence committee conducted a 9 hours of closed-door interview declined to answer questions about her time in the White House, said she was told to avoid.
The panel is investigating Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election and any contacts between the trump campaign and Russia. Mr Hicks, one of Mr Trump’s closest aides, is a key witness to his actions over the past few years. She was his spokeswoman during the 2016 presidential campaign and is now the White House communications director.
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Intelligence committee, top democrat on the California Congressman Adam schiff said after the meeting, hicks answered her role in the campaign trump, and answered some of the problems about the election and the inauguration transition. But since Mr Trump was sworn in, she will not answer any questions about the incident, just as other White House officials have spoken to the committee. Schiff said hicks did not claim any type of executive privilege, but said she had been advised not to answer.
Although the focus of the investigation is the interference of Russia during the campaign, but the house of representatives investigators also question time in the White House for her, including her in drafting about trump elected officials and the russians in 2016, the role of the statement. The statement is particularly interesting to special adviser Robert muller, who is investigating the ongoing federal investigation of Russian interference and potential obstacles.

The White House has said the President was involved in drafting the statement after last summer’s meeting. , ‘the statement said the meeting is mainly related to the adoption of the Russian plan, although later released by E-mail, according to the eldest son of Donald trump’s PuXiao heart carefully lawyer agreed with Russia and others had sat down, he was promised to slander trump’s presidential rival, the Democrats Hillary Clinton. Hicks wrote a preliminary statement with the President on air force one.
“None of our questions about the content of the statement have been answered,” schiff said.
As the interview ended, hicks and her lawyer adjusted the transition between the election and the inauguration. She initially refused to answer all of these questions, but schiff said house lawmakers made it clear that she answered questions about the time frame in an independent interview with the senate intelligence team. The commission is also investigating the intervention and spoke to hicks a few months ago.
After house lawmakers argued that she should treat the two committees equally, hicks and her lawyers awarded the White House, schiff said. Then she began to answer questions about the transition. Schiff said Democrats had asked for a summons after refusing to answer questions, but republicans refused to issue a question.


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