Technology, scientific knowledge applied to the practical purposes of human life, or sometimes, refers to the change and manipulation of the human environment.
The topic of technology is dealt with in many articles. For general treatment, see technology, history; Hand tools. For a description of both the target and the means of the operating environment, see the elastomer; Industrial ceramics; Industrial glass; Metallurgy; Deposit; Mineral processing; Mining; Plastics. To generate energy, see energy conversion; Coal mining; Coal utilization; Oil production; Petroleum refining. For food production, see agriculture, history; Agricultural economics; Apiculture. Beer; Grain farming; Coffee; Commercial fishing; Cow farming; Liquor; Food preservation; Fruit planting; Animal
husbandry; Poultry farming; Soft drinks. Tea; Vegetable planting; Wine. For construction techniques, see Bridges; Construction; Canals and inland waterways; Dam; Port and sea works; The lighthouse. Roads and highways; Tunnels and underground excavation;

Environmental engineering. For the manufacture and design of transportation tools, please refer to the aerospace industry; Automobile industry; Ship construction. For communications technology, please refer to the radio; Computer science; Information processing; Photography; Printing; Photoengraving; The printing press. Telecom. For other manufacturing processes and products, see adhesives; Clothing and footwear industry; Dye; Explosion; Floor coverings; Forestry; Chemical industry; Artificial fibers; Surface coating; The papermaking; Soap and detergent; Textiles. For medical applications of the technology, please refer to the diagnosis; Therapy; Drugs; Medicine, history; The pharmaceutical industry. For military applications, see military technology. For the processing of technical system organizations, see automation; Engineering; Production system; System engineering; Work, organization history.


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