Ochsner deploys artificial intelligence, learning from Epic and Microsoft machines to make nursing more proactive.


Ochsner Health System has launched Epic Systems and Microsoft’s new ai and cloud technologies to provide better care for patients.
The goal is to eliminate adverse events prior to the event and provide key clues to the Ochsner care team in real time.
In Louisiana 30 hospitals and more than 80 medical center and emergency care centre osborne says, Microsoft and Epic of the company’s technology combined together, will make the prediction model can help the rapid response team to become active rather than passive.
“By using machine learning platform of Epic and Microsoft Azure, we can detect health model, learn from these insights and develop more positive treatment plans, as a precaution,” Ochsner’s chief information officer Laura Wilt said.

The announcement came after a 90-day trial, during which the team reduced adverse events outside the intensive care unit by 44 percent.
Clinical doctors, data scientists and engineers are working together to provide insights into how clinicians work, says Epic analytics and machine learning director Seth Hain. Joseph Sirosh, vice President of Microsoft cloud AI, added that the three organizations are pushing for more accurate care.
“Cloud and AI technology is helping health organizations around the world to provide better results for patients,” Sirosh said.
For this reason, Ochsner’s managers believe that the ability to use artificial intelligence as a driving force is the core of health systems that want to use cutting-edge technology to treat people in the future.


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