Robert mueller has investigated whether trump tried to force Jeff severs out: reporting.


The Washington post reported on Wednesday, special adviser to the Russian team is investigating some time last summer, when President Donald trump seems determined to promote the justice minister, Jeff sessions to resign.
Post, citing people familiar with the words, the special advisor Robert mueller is studying whether apparent effort will trump sessions ousted from the work, this is one attempt to obstruct the judicial mode.
, according to a report in the post in the investigation of alleged Russian intervention in 2016, the U.S. presidential election muller’s team has been in late July and early August to trump’s private comments provided the question, he was released a series of tweets twitter degeneration sessions.
Post said, muller is trying to determine whether trump’s goal is to give up sessions, in order to choose a replacement, so that the 2016 election campaign between Russia and the trump campaign may investigate the coordination.
Russia has denied any involvement in the campaign, and Mr Trump has denied any involvement.

The White House and the justice department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the post story.
Mr Trump has had a close relationship with Mr Sessions since he responded to the justice department’s Russian investigation a year ago. The removal paved the way for the appointment of Mueller, who has indicted several former trump campaign aides and advisers.
On Wednesday, Mr. Trump colluded with Mr. Sessions to order the justice department’s director to investigate the charges, accusing the fbi of improperly securing a warrant for the former trump campaign adviser.
In a tweet, Mr Trump said the meeting decided not to use prosecutors to investigate the matter as “substandard”.
As an early supporter of trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Mr. Sessions made a brief statement in which he promised to “honor my duties with integrity and honor.”


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