The name of the Great Place toWork ® and Fortune Edward Jones is one of the 2018 Fortune 2018 best employers


Financial services firm Edward Jones ranked no. 5 on the fortune 100 list in 2018, according to global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work and fortune.
The list, based on a survey of more than 310,000 employees, rates workplace culture based on more than 50 factors. These include trust in management, pay, fairness, friendship and workplace characteristics associated with innovation. The rankings represent the experience of all employees, including women, people of color, LGBT individuals, senior team members and disabled employees.
According to Great Place to Work, the winners of 2018 continue to show that all fuels have a highly trusted culture that can lead to better business results. The group’s research shows that the winners on the list consistently outperform the stock market, beating industry competitors in terms of talent retention and showing higher productivity levels than their peers.
“We are very proud for the consistent approval, we created a special place to work, we care for our customers, we care about each other,” Edward Jones, managing partner Jim Weddle said. “As a partnership, all of us are focused on the unique understanding and realization of value for the customers we serve.”
An excellent workplace is based on a data-driven methodology, which applies to anonymous survey responses by Great Place employees with more than 1,000 employees.

“As a growing company, we are proud to be able to create a rewarding career goal that will make us stand out in the industry and highlight our opportunities,” says Weddle. “Building personal relationships with our customers is happening, and we are proud that we have made significant and positive changes for our clients and the communities we live and work in.”
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Michael bush, chief executive of Great Place to Work, said: “the 100 best in 2018 is the real leader. “In the face of competition, change and financial constraints, they have consistently prioritized confidence-building, pride and friendship in order to drive business performance. And they’re tailor-made for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do for the organization. ”
According to a Great Place to Work – Certified ™ organization staff feedback, “top group” is a Great Place to Work and one of a series of ranking Fortune. Edward Jones was also named the best place to work for women, millennials, Gen Xers, the best place to work for retirement, feedback, love and flexibility.
About the great workplace ®
The workplace is a global authority on high trust, high performance workplace culture. Through its certification program good work environment to identify good workplace culture and production of fortune’s annual “100 most appropriate work company ®” and outstanding workplace best workplace lists the millennial generation, female, diversity, the small and medium-sized enterprise, industry and international, countries and regions. Consulting services through its culture, Great Place to Work can help customers to create more than colleague’s key business indicators (such as revenue growth, profitability, retention rates and stock performance) of the outstanding Work.


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