To recreate the driving experience: make Waymo 360 ° video


In order to turn Waymo’s technology into reality, we focus on the unique format of 360 video.
“Said Meiling Tan, head of marketing at Waymo.
Waymo has been working on self-driving technology since Google was founded in 2009. Today, we have the world’s first and only fully self-driving car fleet on public roads, and have more than 5 million miles of self-driving cars.
Today, we introduce a 360 ° Waymo experience – a kind of immersive video, can full details to reproduce towns. Continue: control the camera, through our car’s “eyes”, and take Waymo. Mobile phones can be explored – or used with virtual reality headsets (such as Cardboard) for a more immersive experience. If you’re on the desktop, just drag video onto the screen.
This is the latest step in our effort to help people understand our technology and how to make it safer for everyone. Next comes the launch of the world’s first autonomous public education event, “Let’s Talk self-driving”, and our first “safety report”.
See Waymo as the world.

For many years, we have already seen, one of the best way to explain how our technical work is to show a project called X-ray view tool, it shows the self-driving cars around the “saw” content. To make this experience lively, we focused on the unique format of 360 video to showcase Waymo’s 360-degree perspective. The audience can see millions of data points in any given moment in all directions around them, may even compared with how human drivers see the world, what it means.
In order to create the true performance of Waymo technology, we began driving the self-piloted Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan on the streets of phoenix, Arizona. We then use these data in a journey with our engineers for our 360 ° the foundation of the video.
The laser visualization in video presents a simplified view of the LiDAR data collected by our sensors. Radar animation shows how these sensors can reflect radar waves from surrounding objects to measure their position and speed. The traffic light in the camera scene is an example of the visible object detected by our high resolution camera. Predicting what each pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle will do next in video is based on the real-time prediction of our self-driving software.


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