In 2019, GMC Sierra makes a distinction between luxury goods and rival Silverado.


Detroit – general motors through design, extra luxurious facilities and car manufacturers call segment leading technology, will be 2019 GMC Sierra apart from the competition and its Chevrolet Silverado brothers and sisters. It all started with the tail gate.
As gm’s more high-end products, GMC will fight more and more luxurious ford F – 150 Chrysler and fiat redesign of Ram, 1500, it will launch this year of important fuel-efficient technology upgrading, senior security improvements and contact. One of GMC’s sharp tools will be the selection of the forthcoming high-end carbon fiber bed.
For vehicle arrived in autumn, the redesigned Sierra in addition to the modelling of more aggressive and weight of 360 pounds, also improved the new standard of the SLT and Denali decoration industry first tail gate, which was unveiled in Detroit on Thursday.
“2019 GMC Sierra is full of innovative engineering technology and intelligent technology, represents the field and, in some cases, the industry giant leap,” gm products boss Mark Reuss said at the unveiling ceremony.
“MultiPro tail gate” offers a variety of features and locations that can be used as a standing workstation, climbing into bed or climbing out of bed or being used as a seat. The “inside” door is part of the “main” door that folds vertically down to make it easier to load or turn into steps, and other USES.
The inner door also has a parking function to keep the cargo in bed at the end of the door. It can also be used as an external table while retaining the main rear baffle. Both doors are released by the two buttons in the back door handle.
“As a high-end product, it’s not just about information and electronics. It’s about usability and real innovation, “Duncan Aldred, vice President of global GMC, told Automotive News. “Anyone who USES a pickup truck will make their lives easier.”
In the box, the next generation of pickups appears to have all the additional features of Silverado, including a high-strength steel bed that is rolled and formed. More bundling; And an optional 110 volt socket. It is also nearly seven inches wider than the current model. Gm said the short box had a capacity of 63 cubic feet.
At the end of the model year, the Sierra Denali in 2019 will be equipped with the industry’s first carbon-fibre composite box, known as CarbonPro. It replaces the standard steel interior panel and floor with lightweight carbon fiber composite materials, 62 pounds lighter than the steel version.Reuss said the box “added unprecedented strength and durability.” He points out that it has dents, scratches and corrosion resistance.

“We can basically throw away anything that we can find here, and it doesn’t leave any trace,” Aldred said. The company displayed several items, including cinder blocks, on the bed at the unveiling ceremony of the pickup truck.
According to GMC, the pickup is 360 pounds lighter than the current model without a composite box. That’s 90 pounds less than the current and next-generation Silverado models, which may be due to the addition of GMC models.
Other additions to the high-end Sierra model include a new trailingring system, which includes an application for remote monitoring and testing; A customizable flat-screen display; And the rearview mirror.
The Sierra SLT and Denali decorations will be equipped with a 5.3 liter v-8 and 8 speed automatic transmission. As with Silverado, the available 6.2 liter v-8 and 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines will be matched with a 10 speed automatic transmission.
Like Silverado, the v-8 engine will be powered by a technology called dynamic fuel management, which can turn off cylinders in various combinations to optimize performance and fuel economy.
Gm had previously said that Silverado would provide six powertrain combinations, including the Sierra three announced Thursday. The company declined to comment on other engine products.
GMC does not provide engine performance details. It also declined to provide information on other accessories other than SLT and Denali, which account for 87 per cent of the brand’s total sales.
The current Sierra also has entry level Sierra leone and SLE decoration with a 4.3 liter v-6 standard engine.
Royce and other gm executives have pledged that the differences between sierra leone and silfrodo will be greater than ever – the first time since 1998. The company declined to disclose the proportion of parts between the two vehicles.
“The more they transfer, the better,” Aldred said. “I think, with the new sierra leone, we have done it. Not only visually, but also the technology we put in. ”
Both companies are expected to begin production in the third quarter of fort Wayne, indiana. Gm also built pickup trucks in Mexico.


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