Plug and play is designed to connect silicon valley with the medical community in Cleveland.


The technology accelerator, plug and play, competes on Thursday at the HIMSS innovation center in Cleveland for its initial start-up group.
“Our goal is to create a digital medical innovation hub” combining the existing ecosystem of silicon valley and the thriving healthcare community in Cleveland, says Saeed Amidi, chief executive of plug and play.
To this end, in which nearly 30 startup into products, including 10 will be selected for the early financing, and space provided by the global health innovation center is also home to the HIMSS innovation center.
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“What distinguishes us is the desire to change; “We believe we must keep innovating,” said Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic, the new chief executive of the Cleveland clinic, in discussions with Amidi.
Mihaljevic continued, artificial intelligence is the focus of the Cleveland clinic, wearable device and remote medical treatment, because it offers an opportunity to personalized care outside of the hospital doctors, therefore, is gaining traction.

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Looking ahead, Mihaljevic said that hospitals need to give priority to care coordination and quality to address the determinants of social health problems.
Amidi points out that other industrial companies are trying to spark innovation, particularly how mercedes-benz needs to incorporate start-up companies through cultural change. Carmakers, which started funding 15 start-ups in their first year, now invest 30 a year.
Mihaljevic says the Cleveland clinic already has an innovative culture and jokes that they need temporary, not encouragement.
Amidi said he would like to see another GuGe or Dropbox out of their partnership.
Leslie Evans, director of the HIMSS innovation center, also expressed hope that plug and play will bring more innovation opportunities to Cleveland’s future.
The 10 winners will receive venture capital and get partners, which will be announced within two weeks.


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