How does Venus Williams serve her entrepreneurial dream?


Venus Williams sits in a conference room surrounded by brand executives and healthy snacks. The room began to become a little petty. People don’t pay attention to the task at hand. “Will we continue? “Williams said quietly. Most of what Williams says is soft-spoken, quiet authority, and effective. People gathered like rubber bands to attract attention.
A meeting room may not be the place where the tennis fans photographed Venus Williams. But this is where she gets more and more home.
It’s mid-september, about two weeks after Williams lost the semifinals of the Sloan stephens U.S. open. Loss was a whirlwind, full of her growing external combination problem of business meeting, she in training courses and autumn preparations for the Asian women’s tennis tour season between the right. Today is EleVen of Venus Williams, her sports and leisure company, which sells fitness equipment and Williams has been involved. The company is booming, growing by 300% a year, and has hired a boutique advertising firm, NSG/SWAT, to collect a book for the spring/summer 2018 collection. That’s what retail buyers and marketing companies will soon see, and Williams and her team are reviewing the latest draft.
Brian Riordan, the head of NSG/SWAT, has shown some images on wall-mounted tablets while he browsed through some printouts. He described the changes they had made to respond to previous notes from EleVen, making sure to highlight the necessary reshooting. Williams was happy with these, especially compared to the old ones. “Those girls look very healthy,” she said of the last draft. “They don’t sweat, and their hair isn’t messy.” Then she collected her large, unruly ponytail. “See?
Williams, talked about the many questions about the authenticity, and here, she is back this question: does it look like real women should be doing the real work, the real work is uninterrupted. Her in a few days ago in WWD Digital Forum on an activity also mentioned the problem, she mentioned she walked to the office directly from the gym, apologize for her team, because she felt sweat swe back when they arrive. The crowd laughed, assuming she was exaggerating. But it is not. Venus Williams’ hair was “messy” because she did come straight to the office from her daily training course, still wearing her workout clothes, which she designed.

Williams’ time is precious. 7-eleven’s chief operating officer of Ilana Rosen jokingly said Williams’ daily work is “she part-time part-time tennis”, but this part-time tennis tournament needs 6 hours of training every day, and need for 11 months of the time for all over the world championships. In addition to the EleVen, Williams also started the interior design company v-starr Interiors. These are not passive activities; She often works in the office, coaching style decisions, and sometimes even working in a warehouse. She and her sister, selina, are also the owners of the Miami dolphins, the first African-American women to own an NFL franchise. Sisters together opened the Yetunde price resource centre, in California Compton an outreach and social service center, where they grow up, their sister, and the center of the same name – in driving murder in the shooting.
Of course, the traditional way of looking at this kind of interest is that the professional athlete’s job is to consider retirement and lay the groundwork for the next stage of her career. In fact, many people expect Williams in 2011 revealed that she was fighting, “glen’s syndrome, it is a chronic, incurable diseases of the immune system, tormented her joints and muscles. Instead, she won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. The 37-year-old, who has just finished an amazing season, has returned to the top five in the rankings and has gone all the way to the Australian open and wimbledon, and has refused to talk about retiring. “I didn’t plan to stop soon,” she told me. “Tokyo 2020 seems to be in some way imminent. Isn’t that wild? I try to stick to that. ”
After following Williams on three business trips in Manhattan, I could see that the job wasn’t just the ultimate retirement she wouldn’t say. This is something that every entrepreneur can understand: a relentless effort to build, grow, accept opportunities, and, most importantly, supervise it.


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