Westfalia has squeezed private toilets into its latest Ford Transit camper.


Just as we have recently been with nissan Michelangelo, Westfalia is not just a mass camping bus. It makes camper vans on various base trucks, each with its own selling point. One of its flagship products for decades is the Nugget, which is based on ford’s full shun, and is now growing in size with the launch of the long-wheelbase Nugget Plus. The new model takes the nuggets to the next level of comfort and convenience, taking advantage of its extra dimensions to accommodate semi-private semi-bathrooms and more storage.
A bathroom is a comfortable facility that can actually make or break a rv for many people. It could be a difference between a happy, excited family, loaded with a weeklong camping trip and a terrible crash filled with groans, moans and “we’re families.” Portable toilets or freshly dug holes do not have the same comfort zone as the indoor toilets.
To make a long story short, any time a camp-van converter can find a way to build a bathroom inside a van, it will automatically expand the appeal of the van. In order to create a bathroom solution for Nugget Plus, Westfalia added wheelbase to Transit Custom Kombi 340 L2. The total length of the van is (5339 mm), which is 196 pounds longer than the 196 inches (4,972 mm) of the traditional Westfalia Nugget.
The interior space is still very expensive, so Westfalia didn’t even think of a full wet bath, but opted for a semi-open bathroom, neatly placed in the back corner. Keep a tight, open design, a scalable screen that provides privacy rather than solid walls.
After rinsing the toilet for a few minutes or longer, use the following wheels for sprinting and pacing. The first thing you need to do is wash your hands. There was no room in the bathroom, and Westfalia added a small pull-down sink to the bathroom opposite the kitchen counter and did the second good thing. The extra sink was a more hygienic solution, and the bathroom had to go straight to the kitchen sink.

Larger Transit car space can also be used to increase the size of the wardrobe, including the closet on the bathroom wall.
Besides, Westfalia stick with simple function configuration l-shaped kitchen, equipped with double combustion furnace, sink and 40 litres of compressor refrigerator, three seats in the rear seat separated by the driver’s seat rotary table, and four on the roof of a high back 55 x 83 inches (1.4 x 1.4 metres) of a double bed and the cabin of the 51 x 75 inches (1.3 x 1.9 m) convertible on the double bed.
Fresh water and wastewater are stored in a separate 42-litre tank, and outdoor showers can make up for the lack of showers in the bathroom. The power is stored in two 95-watt AGM batteries, and the auxiliary heating system keeps the temperature unchanged.
Nugget Plus made its global debut last month at the CMT show in Stuttgart, where Westfalia also premiered the aforementioned Michelangelo. It is equipped with a 129-horsepower and 168-horsepower 2.0-liter EcoBlue Euro 6 diesel engine selection and a manual and automatic six-speed gearbox selection. In Germany, the price of 59274 euros ($72500), including the water heater, senior audio system, all kinds of bicycles and sports equipment rack and storage options, outdoor dining suite and outdoor awning.


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