Uber provides suppliers with new Uber health transport applications and dashboards.

New York City, USA - May 6, 2016: Businesswoman using the famous Uber Taxi Cab App on an Apple iPhone 6s Plus in the streets of New York City. The classic, traditional NYC Yellow Cabs which is the Uber Service Competition unsharp in the background. Uber Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars as an alternative to the classic taxi service. New York City, USA.

Uber, which is delving into the provider’s cycling business, announced on Thursday a new app and messaging service that allows patients to go to doctors’ appointments and hospitals.
According to Chris Weber, general manager of Uber Health, the dashboard app allows healthcare professionals to order rides for patients in need of care.
The Uber health API allows integration into existing health care products so that follow-up appointments can be arranged in the presence of health care providers. A dashboard can also be used to arrange and manage multiple rides, Weber said.
Patients without a smartphone can still use Uber health via text messages or choose to receive calls from their mobile or landline travel details, he said.
The United States more than 100 medical institutions, including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, senior care, home care and physical therapy center has already begun to use Uber health tested the new system.
Patients and medical staff may be scheduled to travel within a few hours, or 30 days in advance.
Weber said: “for many people, their first Uber will ride through the Uber Health, so we are committed to provide the necessary education tools, make sure that each patient feel comfortable and relaxed during the journey.”
The announcement did not provide detailed information on billing, but said the organization could easily track their spending on car games and check monthly billing reports, appointments and schedules.
Uber has been trying to implement numerous security measures to meet HIPAA standards. It is conducting a comprehensive risk and Compliance assessment with the leading HIPAA Compliance company Clearwater Compliance.

The supplier signed the business partnership agreement with Uber.
Participate in the test plan of suppliers including clinical Adams, Pacific blood center, Georgetown home care, LifeBridge Health, MedStar Health, women’s Health in Manhattan, New York university Perlmutter cancer center, professional physical therapy, Health services, ProActive work project open hand, Renown Health, Thundermist Health center and Yale in new haven Health centers.
Medical technology companies such as the Bracket Global and Collective Health are also exploring how to work with Uber, weber said.
Lyft, a rival of Uber, also works with medical institutions to transport patients.
According to Uber, 3.6 million americans are absent from a doctor’s appointment every year because of lack of reliable transportation, compared with a national average of 30 percent. According to weber, vulnerable people have the most serious traffic problems, including those with the heaviest burden of chronic disease.
But in February, recently published in the journal of the American medical association in Pennsylvania medical researchers published a study has found that for the upcoming medical appointments Lyft transportation service free of charge to Medicaid patients will not reduce the ratio of missed appointments.
The study involved nearly 800 patients in west Philadelphia, one of the primary health care providers in Penn state, who were medicaid patients. It found that those who offered free rides to Lyft missed the booking rate, while those who did not were almost the same: 36.5% and 36.7%, respectively.


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