Can Barbara Corcoran get a new generation of entrepreneurs to follow her lead?


It was October on a bright morning, Barbara crane based on her street, New York City park avenue on the doctor’s office, trying to persuade the kernel and Jeff Martin in wearing popcorn bag.
Martins is a team of brothers and sisters, the founder of Pipsnacks, one of the fastest growing companies in copland’s portfolio. Their original product is a mini popcorn snack called Pipcorn – crispy, mostly unshelled, and sold in seven flavors, including a favorite truffle. Obafemi martins founded the company six years ago, and made a breakthrough in 2014, when they appear in ABC prime-time reality series shark tanks before Corcoran and other sharks, won a $200000 investment from her, in return for a 10% stake in the company.
Since then, growth has exploded. Pipcorn is now available throughout the country at Whole Foods, Target and many other outlets. Farmers who supply grain give their crops exclusive rights. They have begun to outsource some manufacturing to contract packers, enabling them to ramp up production immediately. Margins are stable at around 50 per cent, and the business has been steadily profitable, up 200 per cent since the start of the company’s Shark Tank.
In a for a period of more than an hour after the meeting, martins – 32, he wears a pair of Jimmy Neutron bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt and thick glasses, 29 years old, she dressed in a head of curly brown hair – an incredible mane – digital and delve into SKU and nuances of shelf space. They discussed the context between Costco and ShopRite and the independent New York wine cellar and the deli. They complain that a large snack food distributor has found an elbow on the Pipcorn bag in order to better display a vulnerable competitor.
Corcoran is wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers, a cashmere sweater (including a yellow canary) and a pair of skinny jeans on her trademark elf. On TV with her sometimes become soft, dynamic role, she is down-to-earth and salty, a shrewd tell it, like coach, quickly use F – bomb as affectionate pat behind. “Barbara makes everyone comfortable, and she can talk business with anyone,” said Mark Cuban, a member of her Shark Tank. “It’s not easy to deal with entrepreneurs.”
When martins mentioned they were going to a big sales conference for Whole Foods, Corcoran would cheer up. This is her area of expertise. She saw the opportunity to market a coup, and even faced some personal embarrassment, she had the opportunity to get her home to the attention of her clients through any necessary means. So she advised them to stick their popcorn bags on their hats and “steal the show”.

Martins looks suspicious. The meeting was very serious. Jeff pointed out that in last year’s regional events, jaden Smith performed. Will Smith even appeared. Corcoran shrugged. Then, raising the ante, she advised Jen to extend her hair to the top of her hat to show her respect for her hairstyle. “You will love everyone with this million dollar smile,” she added before turning to Jeff, and suggested he use a horny pair of glasses to decorate his hat. “You’ll put the house down, really, really. Poor Smith and his son. You will make yourself the star of the show. ”
Martins promised to consider the idea.
“I tell you, just as stupid as it is, people will be drawn to you,” cochran said. Then she offered them $500. “But you have to say hello to each other,” she warned. “The hat has come off. There is no money. Because the truth is, I know it works. ”
It’s not hard to understand what Corcoran saw in Martins. They are lovely – beautiful, young and full of energy. They actually like each other and work well as a team. In short, they are as irresistible as their products. In a sense, they are their products. That’s why cochran invested. Yes, she knows that martins overestimates business, and that their particular kernel isn’t proprietary. But Corcoran built his empire to a great extent, attracted her colorful personality, she knew she was young partner did not fully grasp things: Frito – Lay tomorrow could start to produce mini popcorn, but Martin brothers and sisters in itself – their stories, their energy and win – are their own smile. This is a point of differentiation. This is what helps them win.
“I thought from the very beginning that your personality was like that,” she told them at breakfast, taking a doughnut from a nearby coffee cart. “It’s more important than anything you’ve ever done here, honestly.”


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