How biased is your news source? You may not agree with this chart


Are we aware of our prejudice?
If you look at this chart and make sure that your “extreme” source is in the middle, then you might be part of the problem that is bothering the United States today.
“In the past, the national evening news program, the local evening news program and the front page of the printed newspaper were dominated by the fact story,” said Vanessa Otero, a patent lawyer and creator of the chart. “However, nowadays, many people believe that the source of news sources is actually dominated by analysis and commentary.”
She released the first version of the chart in 2016 and has since updated it several times. Over the past year, it has become a virus, with thousands of high school and university education workers using dramatic visual effects. She said she was “shocked” by all the attention she received and still received requests every day.
Ottero also talks about why this bias is troublesome.
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“I think extreme events are extremely toxic and dangerous to the country,” she explained to MarketWatch. “These extreme sources of information are people’s most feared instincts, such as fear and tribalism, and use people’s confirmation bias.”
So let the latest version of the rebound begin.
Clearly, for many conservatives, fox news is described by the family of Carter Page, whose “Edward r. Murrow” has no business on the margins. The fact that CNN is on the border with the neutral zone is sure to amaze trump fans.
And then Infowars, which is what Otero thinks is “a senseless damage to public discourse.” Infographics use one of their own responses when the graph begins to appear:
The chart is an example of the “extreme liberal bias of the dinosaur media” that unfairly “demonizes” independent media, writes Infowars, managed by alex Jones. Here is an example of Infowars demonstrating its independence:
“If you only have some sources, do you think they’re in the middle, but no one in their right or left, or they don’t exist, you might be on the wrong track,” otero said, adding that MarketWatch will be the next update.


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