Italy’s anti-establishment results are good.


These are very early things, and it must be remembered that Italy’s exit polls are highly unreliable.
However, the so-called pro-eu, pro-eu parties clearly have a bloody nose.
The anti-eu anti-immigrant coalition seems to have done well, and has done well against the establishment of the five star movement.
The possibility is to hang parliament.
But since the alliance is loose and informal, small parties may get together or convert allegiance to a majority.
For the eu and business, the nightmare will be an alliance between the alliance and the five star movement.
But arithmetic shows that they have no Numbers.
They can have Numbers with the brothers on the far right of Italy.
Right-wing groups could obtain enough seats to form a government: the centre-right – silvio berlusconi’s Italy Forza company, on the right – omar theo sal pooh alliance, has more rights – Italy’s brother.
The question is whether Mr Berlusconi’s party or Mr Salvigny gets more votes. If Mr Salvini gets more, he will be a candidate for prime minister. This is a big headache for the eu.
Still, the days of horse-trading could last for weeks.

You need to know about the Italian election.
A very complex voting system – mixed with the first Posting and proportional representation – could mean that voters are confused about the ballot box.
This could lead to a large number of invalid votes.
Another complication in the voting system is that candidates can stand on more than one seat.
Then they can choose the seats they occupy.
The other seats won and then the runner-up.
This can be changed later.
In general, for right and right, it seems like a good night, for the current central leftist parties, this is a on election night is dominated by the economy and immigration.
Italy is the eu’s fourth-largest economy.
But while the rest of the world is recovering well, it is the worst performer in the eurozone, with 20 per cent of the euro zone’s total debt. Yet again, warning: these are not results, but polls, and in a country where polls are generally considered to be widespread.
It is also harder to predict than a strong party, not a single one.


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