10 retail instructions


Retailers face high competition for customers who are unwilling to tolerate poor service or poor marketing strategies. Good retailers are looking for ways beyond consumer expectations to provide a special experience that can generate loyalty and referral.
Especially on these dates, it’s important that you consider these 10 commandments to sell more:
You can’t believe someone is “just watching”
Consumers can “see” their tablets, smartphones and computers. Get rid of the idea and respond: “90% of people who enter my site begin to watch. But why are they visiting you today? “Show them special offers, news and other options.
You should never neglect your customers.
They’re here to buy you. Don’t ‘hunt’ the seller. It’s better to offer customers a discount instead of ignoring it. This seems pretty basic, but how many times have you seen a few vendors congregating on the cash register and no one sees you? This is unthinkable in your area.
You must actively sell.
In these competitive times, setting higher sales goals is crucial. Sales beyond expectations need to be committed to actively selling and taking advantage of every opportunity to every customer. Start with a team capable of achieving these goals; Then give them tools.
You should never let customers wait.
When customers wait, they become restless and uneasy. No client should wait for anything. If your payment system is inefficient, you put the entire sale at risk. Make sure your sales process is fast, friendly and simple.

You have to treat every customer as if he were spending money.
Do not evaluate customers’ purchasing power. No matter what they say or how they do it, everyone who enters the store is treated like a rich flower.
You must greet all the customers at the entrance.
Once I entered a well-known retailer, it took me 17 minutes to greet me. Choose a person who makes customers feel welcome and lead them to what they want: “thank you for coming. How can I help you? ”
Management must participate in every client.
One way to improve loyalty and customer experience is to ensure that managers get involved with each customer. This separates your business from your competitors and adds value.
You must always provide the best solution.
People buy things to solve problems. The seller should ask the right questions, listen to the customer, and understand their inventory to provide the best solution.
You have to find a second sale.
Each purchase creates an opportunity for another sale. Wait for the customer to select the first product and then provide other products that can be added. “We have some joints that are perfectly matched to the coat. Let me show you. “People are more willing to buy to justify the first acquisition. Product saturation not only increases profits, but also increases customer loyalty.
You must help the client expand his budget.
Never trust a customer when he says he can’t pay anything. If you’re right, you can pay more than you budget. Recognize the idea of a limited budget, but constantly present your product or service to achieve greater value.


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