Aston Martin launched Valkyrie AMR Pro for the first time.


Aston Martin has launched a new tracking version of Valkyrie, called the AMR Pro version. The hybrid sports car at the Geneva motor show and aston · Ma Dinggong bull formula one motor racing event, and the driver Christian horner and Adrian unveiled new dimension
In the aston Martin valkyo is a unique aerodynamic carbon fiber chassis used as a street law super car “LMP1 racing road.” By red bull racing car aerodynamics home chief designer Adrian new peacekeeping aston marek Lai Jiman design, super car crazy, including aerodynamic equipment is considered to be too aggressive, legally in F1.
However, in the aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro, all the streets are closed and Valkyrie is used exclusively for racetracks. It may not be a legitimate formula car, but it can get F1 without a prescription.
Technical details about Valkyrie AMR Pro are a bit sparse, but aston Martin promises more customized cars to enter the market. As is known to all, the vehicle weighs just 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds) and produces more pressure than weight. Changes in the body have produced most of this upgrade, most notably the larger front and rear wings and the wider use of carbon fiber.
Valkyrie AMR Pro has also reduced the burden of some facilities, including the removal of heaters/defectors, information entertainment systems and glass windshields and side Windows (now polycarbonate). The suspension fork skeleton is now carbon fiber, and the seat has been replaced with a molded car seat. The exhaust system is also lightweight, and there is no doubt that components such as mufflers and catalytic converters are reduced or removed.

Power Valkyrie 6.5 -litre V12 engine after the calibration, by eliminating some legitimate needs path components (emission control, etc.) to improve performance, and hybrid energy recovery system for reprogramming a bit control software means that the car now produces 1100 BHP (820.27 kw). This is better than the ratio of weight to weight.
This allows Valkyrie AMR Pro to reach 225 miles per hour (362 km/h) and to achieve a 3G lateral acceleration, aston Martin said. This has to create some spectacular tracks for the new Valkyrie.
Aston Martin Valkyrie I in formula one racing widely learned knowledge in his career, but the AMR Pro version to let my work go beyond the limitations of the legitimacy or actual road, “said red bull’s chief technical personnel. Officer Adrian Newey. “We’ve told some of its secrets, but not all of them, and I’ll leave it to the public to think about a single circle of time, as long as they’re very impressive.”
Aston Martin will only produce 25 of the Valkyrie AMR Pro models and deliver them by 2020. If you want to buy one, sorry, but the company says it has sold all the models.


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