Forbes billionaires list: amazon CEO Jeff bezos’ fortune has soared to new heights, while Donald trump has slipped more than 200 places.


Top of the charts. But despite the surge in stock markets, President Donald trump’s wealth sank in his first year in office. Mr. Bezos’s close attention to the list, released on Tuesday, highlights the influence of Bezos and his online bookstore, which he founded in 1994. The Forbes breakdown provides further evidence that being President is not the most lucrative job, even if most of the rich get richer.
According to Forbes, the world now has more than $220 billion of billionaires, a total of $9.1 trillion, an 18% increase over the previous year.
While Mr. Trump is part of the elite group, he saw his wealth drop by about $400 million to $3.1 billion in his first year. That decline made him the 766th richest person in the world, more than 200 seats below the 544 on the Forbes list last year.
Bezos has topped the list for the first time, and bezos has been the first person to break the $100 billion barrier since Forbes began making the list in 1987. As of Feb. 9, Mr. Bezos’s wealth was $112 billion, according to Forbes. On February 9, it was about $73 billion.

Much of Mr. Bezos’s wealth was tied up in amazon shares, which soared 59 percent in the period that Forbes tracked.
Mr. Bezos used part of his wealth to buy the Washington post, a target of Mr. Trump’s opposition to the media and funding Blue Origin, a rocket maker aimed at selling flights to space.
At the same time, amazon has overtaken its book sales to become almost any conceivable retailer. Last year it bought Whole Foods Markets for $13.7 billion, even selling groceries in stores.
Amazon has also set up a data center network to host other companies’ online services and to produce award-winning shows competing with traditional TV networks. Recently, it by Berkshire hathaway inc. and its chief executive warren buffett partnership, divided into health care, warren buffett with 84 billion dollars in Forbes ranked third on the list.
Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and an occasional partner of Mr. Buffett’s bridge, came second on the $90 billion Forbes list. Mr. Gates, 62, and Mr. Buffett, 87, have pledged to give up most of their wealth, and Mr. Bezos, 54, hasn’t said much about his philanthropic plans.


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