How did my father’s death make me a better entrepreneur?


Modern entrepreneurs can be mentally tough without resorting to less stereotyping, like hoodies and ivy league dropouts. Our mission to destroy traditional patterns and create solutions that change the rules of the game is matched by a strong desire to foster success and to achieve positive changes in the world. This drive determines the rapid pace of innovation, and the pressure to make places faster, better, and cheaper, making entrepreneurs the world’s biggest workaholic – though not without fault.
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Sometimes, however, an unexpected event can get you into a loop and get you out of this fast moving life, just like the speed of a spaceship being thrown out. This was exactly what happened in early 2017, when my father died of illness. He had been ill for two years before his death, and the experience of my whole family was incredible. In addition to let me face to face depression and deficiency of India’s health care system – this is the place where he accept his care – look at my father’s poor health, I realized that I was able to easily in the same position just a few short years.
I was used to the unbeatable atmosphere of life and breathing entrepreneurship, and I never stopped to really realize my mortality. When your life is full of possibilities and opportunities at any time, and the laser is focused on your bottom line, it’s easy to ignore the big picture and the very important things. My father’s death inspired a profound personal change that undoubtedly influenced my way of doing business. According to my ideas and opinions, this is a necessary hit for the reset button, and I believe I have made my entrepreneurship better. The lessons learned include:

Don’t just focus on the money, but make sure you have something other than a bank account. I used to be as aggressive as a businessman, always betting on every dollar, feeling that every victory would be lost. But now, I remind myself, when I die, I don’t spend a dollar. Although I have no mercy on businessmen, part of me has become gentler. If I lose something, I don’t lose sleep. If I win something, it doesn’t define me.
Be a good fellow.
My company is like a well-oiled machine that optimizes the workflow and streamlines the process to improve our performance. It can be measured by operating efficiency, profit margins and sales revenue, year-on-year growth. But it turns out that business is not just business, it’s human. The people who work for my company are an important part of making the company more than just a business success. It is very important for me to have their loyalty and friendship, just as they support us to support their personal success and growth.
It is easy to pursue success at all costs when the competition is intense and under pressure. It becomes a bit like an automated reaction or conditioning to go, to do what happened yesterday. I recently started practicing mindfulness, cultivating self-awareness and self-reflection, making better decisions for myself, my company, my employees, and my family. Without this, I would act in my own vacuum and ignore my true influence on others, even myself, such as my health and happiness.
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