The most secretive: in a city apartment.


Everything passed in New York – the name of a good hairdresser, restaurant recommendations, professional contacts and parking secrets – is probably the most valuable and valuable apartment. Who needs a new house and not interested in the vacancy in a friend’s building?
Two years ago, Nick moran accepted such good fortune. A two-bedroom friend in astoria, queens, is moving to the upper west side with his girlfriend, asking whether Mr. Moran, 31, is willing to take over the lease.
Mr. Moran was a musician who led nine “hip blues” musicians. He has been renting Harlem for free as a watchman, allowing him to record his first album, but the situation is coming to an end. And he also did not expect to return to his former life status: in the Williamsburg, brooklyn, occupy a “wardrobe”, the cost is too much, he had to night as hotel guard to pay the rent.
The astoria apartment has two well-sized Windows, bedrooms and large closets (only the people that are owned, not people), which seems to be the ideal choice. A reasonable rent of $1,800 a month.
“This apartment used to go through many musicians, artists and actors in our group of friends,” Mr. Moran said. “There is a space where it is important that you pursue your craft. I think that’s why it’s being handed down. ”
Mr Moran with sublet car sharing the apartment almost a year’s time, to time of the lease, so that one of his most intimate friend alex MacDonald will return returned from Fulbright in Ireland.
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The New York City apartment has passed a lot. It only depends on the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. I have a friend who shares…
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When I was working at a large cosmetics company in Manhattan, an apartment had been occupied by several employees of the department…
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Allah, there are so many details missing! No matter who is the main tenant of the apartment, legal sublease or just existing tenant…
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Mr. McDonald, 32, a professional tap dancer, has taught in Scott Bradlee’s postmodern Jukebox and other groups. He and Mr. Moran met at the state university of New York’s Geneseo and sang in a barbershop quartet.
They had never been roommates before Mr McDonald moved in October. But they lived in a sunnyside apartment several years ago; Mr McDonald eventually gave it to his roommate so that her fiance could check in.
When they were in their 20s, this group of friends saw many of these changes in housing, because the professional opportunities and romance needed new arrangements. Many of the early apartments were abandoned, but some of the better ones were passed on.
Both Mr. Moran and Mr. McDonald had visited Astoria’s two bedrooms, but they had never thought of a co the apartment. For Mr Moran, it is reminiscent of a “video game covered” post-college crash pad.
Just a few years later, when they are in New York when the housing market has enough experience, whether or not they recognize that the tolerance of the apartment and wishes: per room window (including kitchen and bathroom), hardwood floor, entrance hall and capacious space niche of the sitting room, can be used as a meal.
Their special reward the hall two walk-in closet, where they can store their industry space consumption tool: Mr McDonough practice board and old-fashioned keyboard, including one Wurlitzer and he said, weighing about 10000 pounds “” rhodes, because” it has the real physical hammer, just like a real piano.”
Mr. Moran wrote music, plays and records in his apartment, but because they lived on the second floor, Mr. MacDonald did not dare to practice the knock. Their downstairs neighbors hit the ceiling with their brooms if they thought they would make too much noise after 10 p.m.
On a recent rainy afternoon, it was comfortable to see the space, and when they accepted it, it wasn’t exactly like home. For all the friends who passed, there was nothing left but a jar of peanut butter. Gradually, they found furniture, which represents an improvement in the ikea castings used to fill the space.
“Until we start to furniture named, but it didn’t really feel our apartment,” Mr McDonald said, pointing to “sofa Oscar”, “they’re used furniture used on the online market AptDeco checked.


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