Apply the power of change.


For Banks, the main challenges are emerging: rising regulatory requirements, customer digital experience expectations, processing large and expensive traditional technology infrastructure. The complex combination of these big problems and interconnected problems puts pressure on the Banks’ resources. Top line and bottom line growth depends on overcoming these challenges. Successfully overcoming these challenges requires high-quality portfolio and project management.
Through effective portfolio management and project delivery, our remarkable driving change record demonstrates Capco’s response. We make a difference by combining our profound knowledge of the field with the actual results-based delivery. Our change accelerated the transformation of project management and project management into a whole in the bank’s portfolio. The change accelerates through a variety of field-tested methods, tools and business models, executes and improves project delivery, reduces execution risk, and drives cost savings.
Capco delivers innovative delivery through intelligent agile design (including model-based testing and development), agile transformation, enterprise planning, and project management. In addition, since successful change is as important as technology, we will outsource the change, and Capco’s own proven methodology applies to the positioning strategy and best talent supply in change management. The key elements of our approach are detailed below.
Smart agile design and agile transformation – by innovative methods, including smart agile design, in based on tool based on model test and application of project management method for digital, project delivery efficiency can be improved 20-40%. We are experts in agile transformation and innovation in the project lifecycle.
Enterprise project management office and project management – we know the “best” in portfolio and project management. We have a wealth of experience in improving and innovating in various banking environments to ensure efficiency, transparency, risk management, quality, accountability and effective governance.
ChangeSourcing – Capco’s unique product enables Banks to take advantage of the near-shore and offshore capabilities of the business test as required, and verify them in multiple banking environments. Our efficient solutions can be deployed across multiple banking sectors, which have a big change agenda: regulatory compliance, operational, technical, financial, and company-wide plans.
Our deep understanding of project and project management has led to the success of our clients’ large-scale projects. Capco can provide professional knowledge at all levels. We understand that the core challenge of change in the financial services industry is not just about change. We innovate and reform change management to provide more efficient, more effective and better quality results.
Financial crime

As we rely more on technology and the Internet, the likelihood and severity of financial crimes is increasing. In fact, financial crime has become one of the biggest threats to financial institutions. The implications are not just currencies: financial crimes can cause serious reputational damage, which can adversely affect growth and customer retention. In response, the government has played a bigger role in recent years, increasing regulation and sanctions.
Financial services institutions have little choice but to respond effectively. This means taking proactive steps to select and recruit customers. It also requires the development of powerful enterprise infrastructure, processes, procedures, policies, and governance. The objective of preventing the huge risks of internal and external exposure to financial crime must remain at the forefront.
In search of a practical response, the agency is working with suppliers. Their goal is to deploy solutions that improve the effectiveness of risk management and crime prevention, and tailor solutions tailored to the needs of the organization. Capco can play a central role in this effort.
Capco builds strong capabilities in target operating mode, plan management, delivery, implementation and remedy. Our professional knowledge, including the comprehensive financial crime prevention, especially the anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions transaction monitoring, know your customer (KYC), transaction monitoring alarm analysis and review, suspicious activity report (SAR) draft, customer due diligence (CDD), strengthen the due diligence (EDD), OFAC testing and fraud.
We have the experience of successfully implementing global and domestic projects and supporting our customers to meet regulatory requirements. Benefit from foreign and domestic financial institutions, a former state and federal regulatory inspectors and BSA/AML official experience, they can provide various types of anti-money laundering services, such as risk assessment, project review and strengthen, adjustment and optimization of rules and model validation. Capco has completed a review review and gained experience in successful remedial enforcement actions. In short, Capco helps clients build strong and reliable business models to address the serious challenges posed by financial crime.


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