Investment provides secure growth for your financial future.


Whether you are young or young, you need to make sure that every dollar you invest is safe, but you are also trying to achieve your savings goals. Or you are about to retire, unable to bear the risk of market fluctuation that affects your investment income. You can easily cooperate with cooperative operators. Your investment is in the hands of companies that manage more than $44 billion in assets.
Insurance companies are also the only companies that can provide independent funds that can provide strong guarantees to protect your investment deposits from maturity or death. Other investments simply cannot match this level of security and protection.
For your convenience, we have a network of financial advisers from coast to coast.
We know that everyone has a different level of comfort and understanding of investment. We provide as much guidance as possible here, as long as you want. You can choose your investments based on your investor profile, type of investment, or individual purchase.
Your savings goals, your choices.
Diversified portfolio Navigator ™ for investors to provide maximum flexibility, while ensuring the safe investment and guarantee. Let’s face it: if we can set a path to financial goals and know that nothing will change in our lives, we can all relax. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Life changes fast, Versatile Portfolio Navigator ™ provides flexibility; This is an important feature of today’s world.
Only the best increase your money.

We have established partnerships with leading investment companies to ensure that your money is at its best. Partnerships with companies such as Addenda Capital, NEI Investments, Mawer, Franklin Templeton Investments and Fidelity Investments can ensure that experts manage your Investments successfully to get the best returns.
If social responsibility investment (SRIs) is very important to you, we have built a variety of investment portfolio, only conform to the environmental protection practice, social responsibility and corporate governance standards strictly company to invest.
Made in Canada
We pride ourselves on our reputation as a caring community volunteer organization. Investment in cooperative operators is an investment in Canada and your community. Some want help for new cars, families or college-bound children. And they are thinking about retiring. What would you like to deposit? Understand how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


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